Parked RV on Wrightsville Beach road stirs questions by neighbors


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) –In Wrightsville Beach, residents alerted police and Town Hall, saying an RV was parked in their backyard.

They alleged people were living in it, opening and closing the blinds.

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But in the end, there was no cause for alarm.

After ticketing the vehicle, the Town of Wrightsville Beach found no one living in the RV. Instead, the RV belonged to a family renting a nearby beach house.

“We actually are staying at a beach house that’s ocean front,” says RV owner, Jay. “And in order to get here safely among the pandemic, we purchased an RV so we didn’t have to stay in hotels and use gas station restrooms or anything like that. So we’re just trying to keep our family safe while trying to have some sense of normalcy by having a vacation, a break from normal life.”

The family rented the parking spots legally for the next two weeks, but say they understand why some are upset.

When asked for comment, the town did say if the owners were living in the RV it would break a parking ordinance.

The owners say they were not staying in the RV while here, but will find a new parking spot.