Mysterious offshore vessel identified by Army Corps of Engineers


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Viewers sent us video of an unidentified vessel by Wrightsville Beach access four.

It’s a barge parked near swimmers, set up on three big poles.

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According to the Army Corps of Engineers and Wrightsville Beach town manager Tim Owens, the ship is a privately contracted research vessel testing sand sources and cores.

The ship showing up Saturday, according to tourist Harold Pursey, who first believed the ship to be an offshore oil rig or dredging machine.

“My concern as a parent myself, I wouldn’t want my kids in that water at all,” Pursey said. “We actually didn’t stay after that. We had another day that we were going to stay.”

That vessel is still of shore today. And according to the Army Corp of Engineers, it could be parked there because of the recent tropical storm threat.