Bladen County Sheriff’s Office investigates after fatal shooting at a high school graduation party

CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is investigating  after a shooting at a high school graduation party on Friday, June 10, left one person dead and another injured.

The shooting took place in Clarkton in the 100 block of White Plains Church Road, where an argument broke out at a high school graduation party, resulting in gunshots. Friday night, the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office responded to Bladen County Hospital after two people showed up there with gunshot wounds. A large crowd had also gathered there.

20-year-old Eric Chancy of White Plains Church Road died, and 18-year-old Ronkira Lennon of center road was treated and released.

Lead investigator Captain Morgan Johnson said based on the evidence at the scene, there were multiple shooters.

“Once law enforcement arrived on the scene, it probably took us roughly two hours to process the scene, due to there was a multiple amounts of shell casings from multiple individuals there at the house,” said Capt. Morgan Johnson, lead investigator.

Bladen County Sheriff James McVicker says his office is aggressively investigating the shooting.

“We have been on the telephone constantly this morning with the District Attorney Jon David, and we have had, –we’ll have a meeting and there will be seven other agencies involved in this investigation,” said  Sheriff James McVicker.

Investigators are asking for people to contact them if they have any information regarding the shooting.

“Many individuals were there at the party, someone knows something. I understand it might be different or difficult for someone to come forward, but however someone somewhere knows, and to do the right thing by Mr. chancy and Miss Lennon, to come forward,” said Capt. Johnson.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office has not yet announced which agencies and jurisdictions will be assisting them in the investigation.


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