Columbus County deputy with 50 years of law enforcement experience promoted

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is promoting a deputy with five decades of law enforcement service, to the rank of corporal.

Emmett Brown was promoted to corporal on March 16.

“I’m happy and everything, and I’m real proud that they chose me to be a corporal,” said Cpl. Emmett Brown.

Emmett Brown is a Columbus County Native. He began his career in law enforcement in 1973, working with Chadbourn Police And The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, before joining the state highway patrol in 1977.

He was the first African-American state trooper in Robeson County, and served for 25 years, before returning to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office.

“In my opinion, that’s 50 years of experience that we can use here in Columbus County. He’s been a mentor. He mentored me, –he talked me into going into the highway patrol. So, that’s how I got started in law enforcement. He’s always been a gentleman, –he’s always done his job,” said Chief Deputy Jerome McMillian.

Brown currently serves as a bailiff, and says last week’s promotion and new badge presented by Sheriff Bill Rogers, took him by surprise.

“They tricked me into carrying me up into the courthouse, because we didn’t have any court that day. I was talking with my coworkers, I said we don’t have no court in court on this day. They said, you’ve got to go up there, the sheriff wants to see you upstairs, –and then it was a surprise to me.”

“All the judges love him, I mean even the people that come to court that have cases, they all respect him. He’s well respected in the community,” said McMillian.

Brown says he is thankful to continue to serve the residents of Columbus County with his new rank.

“It’s been real awesome, because the only thing I have always tried to do is help people. You know, make sure that individuals got the service they deserve, and with the sheriff department here, I see that they are given that service that the community needs,” said Brown.

Brown is now the only corporal at the Columbus County Courthouse.

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