Many come out to remember importance of Independence Day

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Fourth of July is a day filled with hot dogs, burgers and fireworks. But for some people in Wilmington, it’s important to remember the original meaning of Independence Day.

“The meaning of what this is for the United States of America,” Navy veteran and local historian Captain Wilbur Jones said.

242 years of independence, celebrated at Wilmington National Cemetery. Many people were silent during the event as more than 50 American flags waved in the air.

“Seeing all the flags, all the people who are honoring the people who have gone before us and of course the current people. But it is such a great feeling and I will share that with my family and my neighbors,” Judy LaBor said.

New Hanover County Veterans Council Chairman, Frank Roberts says even though fireworks and barbecues are great, it’s important to remember the reason for the holiday.

“What is one of the reasons why we do it is so that we don’t forget about it, because if all we do is the barbecues and the swimming and the boating and everything, we’ll forget what Independence Day is. So, when you have a little ceremony like this you’re bringing it back and letting people know that there’s a reason why we get off on July 4th, and why we celebrate July 4th,” Roberts said.

Many other people, including the guest speaker Captain Wilbur Jones, encourage others in the community to still come out to the cemetery and take a few minutes to remember the importance of the holiday.

“Our nation has a lot of holidays, and very few are more important. Probably none more important than how we got started 242 years ago,” Jones said.

Many of the people who came out encourage others to come out next year to start of their next Independence Day.

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