Election officials offer tips to voters for Election Day

CAPE FEAR REGION, NC (WWAY) –The general election is on Tuesday, November 8,  and election officials are offering a few reminders to ensure your trip to the poll runs smoothly.

Election directors in Brunswick and Bladen Counties want people to know their precincts, and who and what is on the ballots, before going to the polls.

Election officials say they saw a strong turnout during early voting.  As of Monday, 6,763 ballots have been cast in Bladen County, and 48,523 have been cast in Brunswick County.

Bladen County Board of Elections Director Christopher L. Williams says based on early voting turnout, he expects to see a rush of voters at the polls on election day.

“I think it went real good. We have done over 30% of voter turnout, just one-stop alone. Just do their research, before they go –on the people they want to vote for. I hope for a good voter turnout. I’d love to see 100% voter turnout. I’d like for everyone in Bladen County to come out and vote, because I am totally 100% pro-voter,” said Christopher L. Williams,  Bladen County Board of Elections director.

Brunswick County Board of Elections Director Sara LaVere advises voters to ensure they are registered to vote, find their appropriate precincts, look at sample ballots to know what they will be voting on, and be prepared to possibly wait in line to vote.

“It’s very hit or miss, I think if you encounter a line, just be prepared to wait. We are going as fast as we can. I do think it’s important that people know, if they get to a polling place late, and they are in line at 7:30 when the polls close, they will be permitted. As long as they were in line at the close of the polls. So, if you pull up at 7:25, and you see a long line, –don’t leave thinking you won’t be permitted to vote, as long as you’re in line you’re good to go,” said Sara LaVere, Brunswick County Board of Elections director.

LaVere also says voters need to be prepared to see electioneers at the polls.

“I think that we’ve been pretty good during early voting, not having too many aggressive electioneers, but it could happen. Really voters just need to know if they don’t want to talk to those electioneers they can just say no thank you, and keep on walking. Of course, once they get within the buffer zone around the entrance of the polling place, that is a free from electioneering area,” said LaVere.

On Monday, both Brunswick and Bladen Counties’ Boards of Elections have been preparing precincts, and distributing supplies, and voting machines for election day.



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