Governor Cooper speaks to National Governors Association in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Governor Roy Cooper spoke at the National Governors Association Energy and Critical Infrastructure Resilience State Learning Lab at Hotel Ballast in downtown Wilmington.

They discussed the impact of storms, natural disasters, and climate change on infrastructure. They also looked at preventative measures, and ways to improve response and recovery times.

Governor Cooper spoke to attendees about steps North Carolina is taking to develop more resilient transportation, like low-water bridges to withstand floodwaters. The state is also planning to develop a more resilient power grid, to further help maintain power during emergencies.

“I hope that we’ll get some good ideas from each other. I gave them a laundry list of steps that NC is taking on resilience and making sure that we are hardening ourselves for future flooding, but there are good ideas going on in other states as well. So, we hope to hear from these laboratories of democracy that we call state governments.” said Gov. Roy Cooper.

Federal and industry experts were also on hand to help those in attendance look at state-specific threats, and prioritize investments that will improve critical infrastructure.

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