Increased wildlife sightings across the Cape Fear in highly populated areas

Increased Wildlife Sightings Across The Cape Fear In Highly Populated Areas

CAPE FEAR REGION, NC (WWAY) —There have been increased sightings of wildlife in neighborhoods, beaches, and parks across the Cape Fear. Over the last few weeks, there have been a few cases of people being bitten by snakes, and alligators and foxes have been spotted in places frequented by residents and tourists.

With a recent uptick in the number of wildlife sightings, the State Wildlife Resources Commission is asking people to remain aware of their surroundings when outdoors.

“Anytime its really warm like it is, you got to be cogniscent of where you put your feet, where you put your hands, if you’re gardening, underneath shrubs, cleaning out vegetation, in your garden,” said Clayton Ludwick, master wildlife enforcement officer.

Master Wildlife Enforcement Officer Clayton Ludwick shares what he thinks could be behind the increase in animal sightings in highly populated areas.

“The hot temperatures have the animals out and moving around, and with the urban development, we’re destroying the habitat where these animals normally would live. So, they’re looking for new places to live, just because we kicked them out of their house,” said Ludwick.

The Wildlife Commission is also asking people to report animals that seem out of place, or appear to be behaving in an unusual manner.

In Surf City, the fire department responded to two incidents of people being bitten by snakes last month, with one being at the dog park near the community center.

“The snake was no longer there, and the patient at that time didn’t know what kind of snake it was. So, when we go to a call like that for a response, I mean it’s really no different from any other medical call. Typically, you know, for a snake bite, the snakes not going to be around anymore. If it was some other type of wildlife injury, then you know there could be a potential for that animal to still be around,” said Allen Wilson, Surf City Fire Chief.

The State Wildlife Resources Commission also encourages people to keep their pets indoors if there has been an unusual amount of wildlife in residential areas.

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