Local businesses reap the benefits of more film productions coming to the Cape Fear

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the Cape Fear continues to see more film productions making their way to the coast, many local businesses are reaping the benefits with crews and actors dropping in.

WWAY spoke with the owners of a restaurant and clothing store, that have been visited by cast and crew members from productions being filmed in the area.

Kelsey Gibbs, owner of Sea Level City Vegan Diner says she was surprised when cast members for the TV miniseries about the romance between country musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynette “George & Tammy,” walked into her restaurant.

“Staff and customers were giddy about it. I mean they were like ‘do you know who that is, that’s Michael Shannon, that’s my favorite actor’, and you know just super stoked,” said Kelsey Gibbs, “Sea Level City Vegan Diner” owner.

Gibbs says  she has a vintage clothing store where she connected with production wardrobe departments and told them about her restaurant, and noticed an increase in crew members from film productions at her business, as more productions set up shop in Wilmington.

“It’s awesome having film back in Wilmington, it was a big surprise to see a lot of those cast members waltz in the door, and it really helps the community up and down,” said Gibbs.

Karyn Oetting says the film business has had a positive impact on her vintage clothing store “Second Skin”, as crew members come in to shop for period piece productions.

“This year has been like a faucet was turned on. there were a couple of productions from last year, but then this year has just been non-stop,” said Karyn Oetting, “Second Skin” owner.

Oetting says the return of film to Wilmington has significantly benefitted local businesses.

“It’s also the actors that are in town, and their families when they come to visit them, or just looking for interesting things to do while they’re in town and these are people from different parts of the country. They have different tastes and different styles, different purchasing power,” said Oetting.

Both owners say with some productions filming in the area for months, businesses are looking forward to the steady flow of customers.


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