New Hanover County couple warning others after falling victim to porch pirate

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A warning from a New Hanover County couple, telling others to beware of porch pirates. Their packages were stolen from their front door, and it was all caught on their doorbell camera.

WWAY spoke with Lizzie Davis and Cody Bridges, who say they were shocked to come home and discover two large boxes that were delivered to their home were stolen.

On Sunday night, Lizzie Davis and Cody Bridges were expecting two packages for their business to be delivered to their home on Cathay Road.

When they got home, the boxes were not on their porch.

Davis says she checked their ring doorbell .. which showed the thief walking up to their doorstep, grabbing two amazon boxes, and running towards the road.

The couple is now warning others to be aware of porch pirates, outside of the holiday season.

“I see it online all the time, videos of people doing it, but you never think it happens to you until it does, and then it’s like wow, somebody’s, —they really do stuff like that. Take risks, really risky,” said Cody Bridges.

“Yeah, especially to come that close to someone’s home, and on their property, it’s a little alarming,” said Lizzie Davis.

The couple says they were shocked the items were taken right from their doorstep.

“It inconveniences us not having the things that we ordered, especially for businesses, –and it’s just the principle of it. Like, thinking you can take something you didn’t work for or pay for,” said Davis.

“That was the first incident with us, with the ring though. It does come in handy. Ring doorbells work, because it was the first time we actually ever had to use it, an did what it was supposed to do,” said Bridges.

Wilmington Police Lt. Leslie Irving says this has become a common issue with more people ordering items online. Lt. Irving is offering tips on how to prevent porch pirates from visiting your homes, calling it a crime of opportunity.  She also highly recommends security cameras to help law enforcement identify suspects.

“Require a signature. That means, someone has to be home when they come to deliver the package if they’re not there, then it would be taken back to the facility or taken back to the post office, where you have to go there to pick it up in person.  Another thing that we recommend is have your package tracked, –tracked for delivery, so you know when that package is going to be delivered to your door. Have your package left at the post office, and be picked up there,” said Lt. Leslie Irving with Wilmington Police Department.

Bridges and Davis contacted law enforcement, and shared the video with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, who is now looking for the suspect in the video.

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