New Hanover Health Department is taking action to protect people from Monkey Pox

Wilmington, NC (WWAY)– With Monkeypox now declared a national health emergency, New Hanover County is working diligently to reduce the chances of an outbreak happening here.  

 The number of Monkeypox cases are rising daily. With that rise in numbers, comes a rise in misinformation about how it is spread. Some people seem to believe it can be contracted as easily as sharing the same blanket, but Epidemiologist Ian Appling assures us that this is only in rare instances.   

“This is extremely rare and also requires a perfect storm of storm of situations where the fluid from the legion needs to be in contact with mucus membrane such as an open cut on your body in order for it to spread and infect you.”   

 The New Hanover County Health Department has not received any updates from the CDC when it comes to guidelines and warnings about the Monkeypox virus.   

Appling says while it is not as easily contractible as COVID, it is still important to keep your distance and wash your hands.   

“We have to take into consideration that this does not spread like COVID or at the same speed or veracity as COVID, however we are still taking into consideration that you can get it from these sources.”   

As of now, there are no Monkeypox cases in New Hanover County, but the Pandemic Operations Center is working to get individuals vaccinated who are in need.    

Guidelines to receive the vaccine include individuals who have been in close contact with people in the last 90 days who have tested positive for the virus. 

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