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Blackbeard’s ship fundraising group dissolves amid lawsuits

The nonprofit group that raised money to help preserve the wreckage of Blackbeard's flagship off the North Carolina coast has disbanded amid lawsuits alleging copyright infringement by the state.

Bill to governor addresses NC shipwrecks, public records

A bill making clear footage and photographs of shipwrecks held by North Carolina state agencies are public records is heading to Gov. Pat McCrory's desk.

NC lawmakers enter legal battle over Blackbeard’s ship

North Carolina lawmakers are wading into a legal battle between the state and the explorers of Blackbeard's pirate ship over the rights to footage from the famed wreck.

Shipwreck-hunting company sues NC over Blackbeard’s ship

The shipwreck-hunting company that found Blackbeard's flagship that sank off the North Carolina coast nearly 300 years ago has sued the state for more than $8 million, saying officials violated a contract involving photos and videos of the wreck and recovery.

Another cannon raised from Blackbeard’s ship

Another cannon has been raised from the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard's ship off the North Carolina coast. Project Director Billy Ray Morris says that divers were able to raise one cannon and found another in the midsection of the wreck.

Explore with George: Queen Anne’s Revenge Exhibit

videoThe Queen Anne's Revenge exhibit opens tomorrow at Fort Anderson. The exhibit will feature treasures from Blackbeard's historic ship that sunk near Beaufort Inlet in 1718.

Artifacts from Blackbeard’s ship at Tryon Palace

Artifacts from the flagship of Blackbeard the pirate will be on display at Tryon Palace in New Bern. Artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge, including cannon balls, a wine bottle and nautical tools, are on display in the Duffy Gallery from Friday through Feb. 15.

MARKING HISTORY: Blackbeard Loses His Head

video Two hundred and ninety-five years ago, it was "off" with Blackbeard's head. One of the most infamous pirates in history, Edward Teach who gained the nickname Blackbeard for his fierce appearance. had a long history in North Carolina.

Crews raise two more cannons from Blackbeard’s ship

videoThe crew of the R/V Dan Moore from Cape Fear Community College went back to the site of Blackbeard's sunken ship today.

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