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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Tags Candied jalapenos

Tag: candied jalapenos

Arrrgh! These treats are perfect for weekend entertaining!

Having your friends over this weekend?  Don't be Argh-rate!  Just break out these easy snacks.

Arrrgh! Kick up your Labor Day menu with Cape Fear Pirate Candy!

end Labor Day out with a bang courtesy of sweet and hot delicacies on your table tonight.  The Cape Fear Pirate Candy company makes delicious and addictive peppers guaranteed to give just about anything a kick. The company began in Carolina Beach and owner Travis Moore says you can make just about anything on your menu more zesty with their products.

Spice up your 4th of July with candied jalapenos!

Be the hero of your 4th of July party by adding the spice of Cape Fear Pirate Candy to all you dishes. The candied jalapenos pack the perfect sweet and hot punch to almost any dish.

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