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Drone use limited over safety concerns for largest Dolphin Dip in Surf City

The Town of Surf City is preparing for one of the biggest events of the year and with that comes some concern over drone activity.

Local lifeguards add drones to rescue process

New Hanover County lifeguards are testing out a new technology to use during water rescues.

Drone operators seek permission to fly out of direct sight

As thousands of commercial drones take to the skies under new Federal Aviation Administration rules, some small operators are pursuing a coveted exemption that would allow them to fly where they can't be seen by the pilot.

Drone piloting program to launch at Lenoir Community College

Lenoir Community College is set to launch the state's first associate's degree program in drone piloting.

North Carolina officials offer to help drone operators

The NC Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation wants to help drone owners understand new rules issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and how they impact drone operations in the state.

White House clears small, commercial drones for takeoff

Routine commercial use of small drones was cleared for takeoff by the Obama administration Tuesday, after years of struggling to write rules that would both protect public safety and free the benefits of a new technology.

Drones detect sharks in coastal waters as a part of an ongoing study

Researchers from Duke University and UNC have been testing the ability of drones to detect sharks in coastal waterways.

Man arrested for flying drone near police helicopter

A Concord man has been arrested after police say he purposely flew a drone near a police helicopter.

For first time, drone delivers package to residential area

A Nevada firm says one of its drones has successfully completed the first fully autonomous package delivery in a residential area in the U.S.

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