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North Carolina farmers battle roadside potato thieves

Farmers in Harnett County have to deal with a lot of things to make sure their crops get to your plates – bugs, birds, weather, but one thing that may be unexpected is “neighbors.”
Tractor Accidentvideo

Farmers concerned about highway accidents

Accidents like one that happened on US-17 earlier today, was photographed by Clemmons and he is fearful to do his job.

Full Belly Project working on new products benefiting communities worldwide

For the past 15 years one Wilmington organization has been helping nearly 60 countries improve their quality of life. The Full Belly Project continues to create products designed to help communities become more self sufficient.

Severe drought creeps into western North Carolina

Drought is creeping into western North Carolina, with parts of four mountain counties now considered in a severe drought.

Farmer recover from crop damage after storm

Tropical Storm Ana probably washed out whatever plans you had last weekend, but could it also put a damper on some of your summer picnic traditions?

Haywood County farmers get permission to kill elk

North Carolina wildlife managers have given farmers in Haywood County the go-ahead to shoot and kill elk found on their land.

Coyotes causing problems in Onslow County

The Jacksonville Daily News reported that farmers have reported the coyotes are eating watermelons.

Black farmers file for settlement claims in Durham

Hundreds of black farmers in North Carolina who say they were unfairly denied loans and other assistance for years from the Agriculture Department are taking steps to claim their share of a $1 billion settlement.

Group plans to spotlight NC farmworker deaths

An advocacy group is using the traditional Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead to bring attention to the deaths of migrant farmworkers in North Carolina.

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