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Woman arrested in $94k heroin, meth bust

video New Hanover County Sheriff's narcotics detectives seized more than 20 ounces of black tar heroin and more than 100 grams of methamphetamine. The drugs have a combined street value of more than $94,000.

Brunswick deputies bust alleged meth lab

Another methamphetamine lab bust in Brunswick County. The Brunswick County Vice Narcotics Unit received information last week that a meth lab was being operated in Supply.

Cooper hails new NC law tracking meth ingredients

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper says a new law that tracks the main ingredient used to make the drug methamphetamine is already producing impressive results.

ONLY ON 3: Clean up continues for Wilmington meth lab

videoAfter drugs and other items used to make meth were removed from an apartment in Wimbledon Chase over the weekend, residents say investigators have been working to clear the apartment. Some neighbors say they are concerned that the toxins from the lab may have gotten into their apartments.

Meth lab found in Wilmington apartment

video Three men have been charged with manufacturing crystal meth in their apartment. Wilmington Police spokeswoman Lucy Crockett called meth "the poor man's cocaine" and said the drug is becoming more popular because of the combination of tough economic times and a relatively cheap drug recipe.

Sampson County meth suspects sentenced

Five men have been sentenced in federal court on charges of running a methamphetamine trafficking ring in Sampson County.

NC close to requiring checking sale of cold meds

North Carolina could soon require retailers to check cold sufferers against a national database if they want a remedy containing the key ingredient needed to make the illegal drug methamphetamine.

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