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Port of Wilmington welcomes third neo-Panamax crane

North Carolina Ports’ third neo-Panamax crane arrived to the Port of Wilmington Monday.

Delivery of new crane to port will close part of river Monday

Boaters be warned. The delivery of a new crane for the Port of Wilmington will close a long stretch of the Cape Fear River from Wilmington southward Monday.

Third neo-Panamax crane on its way to Port of Wilmington

The Port of Wilmington will soon get its third neo-Panamax crane.

Port of Wilmington sees banner year for container traffic

Big news for the Port of Wilmington! North Carolina Ports says they have seen a banner year in container business growth.
New Cranes in Portvideo

New cranes bring economic opportunity to the Port City

After more than two months at sea and thousands of miles traveled, two new cranes are docked at the Port of Wilmington.

Crane delivery anchors boats along Cape Fear River

For several hours Thursday, the Cape Fear River will be off limits to boaters. Two huge cranes are being delivered to the Port of Wilmington.

Boats must be moved from Cape Fear River during cranes’ arrival

The US Coast Guard has established a temporary safety zone on the Cape Fear River to accommodate the arrival of two new cranes bound for the NC Port of Wilmington.

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