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Port of Wilmington gets permit to widen turning basin

The Port of Wilmington has received a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to widen its turning basin.

Wilmington welcomes its largest container ship ever

North Carolina Ports has made history. It welcomed its largest capacity-wise ship ever to the Port of Wilmington.

Port of Wilmington sees banner year for container traffic

Big news for the Port of Wilmington! North Carolina Ports says they have seen a banner year in container business growth.

NC Ports partners with Crowley Maritime Corporation

A new shipping service between Wilmington, Guatemala, and Honduras will begin at the end of this month.

Port introduces ‘Queen City Express’ rail service

Intermodal rail service returns to the Port of Wilmington next week. The ports and CSX will begin a daily rail service between Wilmington and Charlotte.

Port of Wilmington orders 2 new cranes at $27.4 million

When all four cranes have been purchased and delivered, the Port of Wilmington will feature a total of 10 container cranes operating over a 2,650 ft. area.

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