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Governor Cooper talking about opioidsvideo

Governor Cooper holds roundtable discussion on opioids

As President Trump declares the opioid crisis as a threat to the country, Governor Roy Cooper continues his work to combat the opioid crisis, especially here in the Cape Fear.
Carolina Beach Needle Exchange Kitsvideo

Needle exchange program comes to Carolina Beach

Two groups are taking on the opioid crisis head-on. They're trying to make things safer through a needle exchange program.
Ralph Evangelous signing off on LEADvideo

Local agencies take the lead against opioids

Wilmington police, the District Attorney's office and agencies that work with overcoming addictions, signed a joint memorandum to implement a new program.

WWAY INVESTIGATES: The challenges addicts face trying to get help

A lot of people know opioid abuse is a huge problem across the Cape Fear. While there are task forces, quick response teams health organizations and other various efforts being made to combat the epidemic, another large issue is actually getting into rehab.

Pilot program proposed to help battle opioid epidemic

Opioid abuse is an epidemic millions of people across the country are dealing with and Wilmington is at the forefront.

WWAY INVESTIGATION: Is Narcan helping or hurting opioid epidemic?

Opioid abuse is a growing problem across the nation and Wilmington is at the top of the list.

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