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NHSO warning: Gun buy-back phone calls are a scam

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a new scam they are investigating.

Officer pays woman’s airplane ticket home after scam

An elderly woman who flew from Illinois to Arizona who was scammed out of her last dollars when she thought she was going to meet the man of her dreams was rescued by a police officer’s kind gesture.

Official: Puerto Rico govt loses $2.6M in phishing scam

Puerto Rico's government has lost more than $2.6 million after falling for an email phishing scam, according to a senior official.

Americans are losing millions of dollars to Social Security scams

The Department of Justice is filing for temporary restraining orders against U.S. telecom carriers allegedly facilitating hundreds of millions of scam robocalls.

Missed package delivery scam can leave you unwanted charges

It’s a costly mistake that happens more and more often around the area – falling for a fake package delivery notice.

North Carolina couple says they were scammed out of $100K

A North Carolina couple says they were scammed out of $100,000 in the pursuit of winning a fake $10 million sweepstakes.

How to give wisely to help Australia wildfire relief efforts

As the world watches devastating wildfires blaze across Australia, there’s been an outpouring of donations to aid relief efforts. 

Shallotte PD warns of possible donation scam

The Shallotte Police Department is asking for your help as it investigates what could be a scam.

North Carolina woman thought she’d landed job, loses nearly $9,000

Rissa Blackwell is a working artist and was looking for other ways to make money, so she went to the job search site Indeed.

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