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Ticket scam turns into valuable life lesson

Instead of complaining or being upset after they were scammed out of hundred of dollars. One Wilmington family turned a negative situation into a positive one.

Man accused of posing as pastor in cell phone scam turns himself in

Wilmington Police say a Trinity man suspected of scamming multiple mobile phone stores has turned himself into police.

Pender Co. Sheriff’s Office investigating fraud; warn of scam

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office want to you know about a scam they are currently investigating that left a person out hundreds of dollars.

Couple warns about ‘Property Brothers’ scam

A couple that was scammed online by someone pretending to be associated with 'Property Brothers' wants to get the word out.

Police warns of jury scam targeting Wilmington residents

Local residents are being targeted in a telephone scam involving fines for missing jury duty.  

Don’t fall for these viral holiday gift exchange scams on Facebook

Two scams called the "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" and the "Secret Wine Bottle Exchange" are once again spreading across Facebook like wildfire, and unfortunately, users are (still) falling for it.

Scammers use employee’s name to take $56,000 from county

A South Carolina county says it paid scammers $56,000 after they pretended to be a county employee.

SCAM ALERT: ‘Confirm your Account’ emails look like Amazon.com

There is a new scam targeting Amazon customers. A viral email could let hackers get your credit card numbers and steal information from your computer.

Email scam targets Netflix’s millions of subscribers

An email scam has been specifically targeting Netflix's millions of subscribers, threatening to suspend their accounts if they don’t update their billing information.

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