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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Tag: #TBT

#TBT: James Walker Memorial Hospital

Before New Hanover Regional Medical Center, folks in the Port City went to the James Walker Memorial Hospital.

#TBT: Hurricane Hazel

With storms on a lot of minds here in the Cape Fear, this Throwback Thursday we're looking back on Hurricane Hazel which hit this area back in 1954.

#TBT: Babies Hospital

From 1920 through 1978, the Babies Hospital in New Hanover County was a place for children to regain their health near the ocean.

#TBT: Orton Hotel

In 1888 the Orton Hotel was built in Downtown Wilmington. The hotel was perhaps the grandest in the city until it burned down in 1949.

#TBT: Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College began life as the Wilmington Industrial Education Center in the 1950's. In 1964 it was called the Cape Fear Technical Institute and later officially became Cape Fear Community College.

#TBT: Greenfield Lake

Greenfield Lake is man made and was bought by the city in the 1920's and subsequently turned into a park.

#TBT: Orton Plantation

This Throwback Thursday we're looking back at a place many consider to be one of the best surviving representations of antebellum architecture, Orton Plantation.

#TBT: Masonboro Inlet

This Throwback Thursday we're taking a look back on Masonboro Inlet and Masonboro Sound.

TBT: Legion Stadium home to sports, celebrations

This Throwback Thursday we're taking a trip to the ball field. Legion Stadium here in Wilmington was originally build back in the 1930's.

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