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What Did We Miss? Archaeologists find 500-year-old skeleton wearing boots

These boots were made for lasting PLUS a bear walked on two legs into a police station.

What Did We Miss? Leaning Tower of Pisa is losing its tilt

The Leaning Tower of Pisa isn't doing the one thing it's known for PLUS an ATM accidentally dispends $100 bills.

What Did We Miss? Grandpa plays Pokémon Go on 15 phones rigged to his...

You might already know Pokémon Go, so click on this story so you can learn about "Topple the Pole" Heads up: it's bonkers!

What Did We Miss? Police recover stolen inflatable colon

It's the 100th "What Did We Miss?" So naturally, Wills makes a bunch of colon jokes. ALSO, GIANT MECHANICAL BEASTS

What Did We Miss? The headless chicken monster and more undersea discoveries

It's "What Did We Not Sea?"! Take a look at these amazing new underwater images and find out the dark reason Zach Hanner is obsessed with the headless chicken monster.

What Did We Miss? Canadian gets weed-in-car ticket one hour after legalization

Our neighbors to the North are getting high and Nebraska just wants you to come visit. Why won't you visit Nebraska?!

What Did We Miss? Man revives squirrel with CPR

A man saw a stunned squirrel and revived him with CPR. This was especially generous considering the squirrel doesn't have health insurance.

What Did We Miss during Hurricane Florence?

"What Did We Miss?" has been on the air for 2 years! No time to celebrate though. WWAY producer Chris McAnerney needs Wills to report everything the station missed during Hurricane Florence.

What Did We Miss? Police considering using Batman device

Police are testing out a bola device that wraps up crime PLUS Horseshoe athlete Ben Hart stops by to discuss why coming close is still bad in horseshoes.

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