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What Did We Miss? Cartoonish sketch helps police ID suspect

Officers looked at this sketch and knew that squiggly hair and razor thin smile could only belong to one person.

What Did We Miss? Nissan unveils new self-parking slippers

Nissan is proving they can park your car by parking slippers. It's a solid one to one.

What Did We Miss? 12 camels disqualified from beauty pageant for Botox use

Some camel owners felt the need to have their camels' lips and forehead accentuated. You know, the usually inconspicuous parts of a camel.

What Did We Miss? Candlelight vigil held for burned-down Taco Bell

When this town lost their Taco Bell they pulled together in the face of this unspeakable tragedy. PLUS ASMR videos and the Pope performs a wedding ceremony.

What Did We Miss? Man declared dead snores right before autopsy

An autopsy was stopped on account of life. Also, check out this indoor water park and knight fights!

What Did We Miss? Cleveland Browns fans celebrate 0-16 season with parade

Cleveland Browns fans don't have a reason to celebrate but that won't stop them. Also, wild turkeys have stopped mailmen from visiting one neighborhood.

Best of ‘What Did We Miss?’ 2017

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Vote for your favorite ‘What Did We Miss?’ story of 2017

Pick your favorite weird news story! Tune in to Good Morning Carolina this Thursday to see what you picked.

What Did We Miss? “Harambe Kong” video game sparks controversy

An arcade game is causing outrage and the streets of San Francisco now has one less bazooka.

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