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What Did We Miss? Man revives squirrel with CPR

A man saw a stunned squirrel and revived him with CPR. This was especially generous considering the squirrel doesn't have health insurance.

What Did We Miss during Hurricane Florence?

"What Did We Miss?" has been on the air for 2 years! No time to celebrate though. WWAY producer Chris McAnerney needs Wills to report everything the station missed during Hurricane Florence.

What Did We Miss? Police considering using Batman device

Police are testing out a bola device that wraps up crime PLUS Horseshoe athlete Ben Hart stops by to discuss why coming close is still bad in horseshoes.

What Did We Miss? Cotton Candy Taco wins Texas State Fair award

Dopey chef Drew Harrison shows off his original snacks... that did not go far at the Big Tex Choice Awards.

What Did We Miss? Finnish skiers compete in swamp while wearing dresses

Finnish people ski on mud but I've got more questions about this new RV that can be towed by a bicycle.

What Did We Miss? Woman receives poop in the mail

Don't let the title story gross you out. This week's segment ends with some wise words from the 5-year-old mutton busting world record holder.

What Did We Miss? Mexico City Ballerinas perform shows at traffic stops

Ballerinas are making traffic stops fun! ALSO glass tables are exploding. Not to be all "The sky is falling!" about it but... GLASS TABLES ARE EXPLODING.

What Did We Miss? Swiss town replaced church bells with mobile ringtones

A church played cellphone ringtones but more confusing... why is this dude slicing watermelons on his tummy with a samurai sword?!

What Did We Miss? French convict escapes prison using a hijacked helicopter

A film-obsessed criminal starred in an action-packed escape from prison.

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