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What Did We Miss? Man creates and pilots a 28-foot-tall robot

A Japanese man has created a personal Gundam suit PLUS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their own comic book... even though they aren't the ones who just built a personal Gundam suit.

What Did We Miss? Two airline pilots report a UFO sighting over Arizona

This week's segment has UFO sighting reports but the face yoga is the weirdest thing you'll see.

What Did We Miss? Flat Earther launches himself in homemade rocket

Mike Hughes is so convinced the Earth is flat he built his own rocket. What was the most extreme thing YOU did to win an argument?

What Did We Miss? 3 tons of gold bars spill out of Russian cargo...

It's raining gold in Russia but Finland is the happiest place in the world. ALSO, A fake Blake Shelton tries to scam people on Facebook.

What Did We Miss? Thief struggles to steal gumball machine

A man tries to steal a gumball machine... not sure why but he put a lot of effort into it. PLUS, Robot car attacks!

What Did We Miss? Drunk teenager steals patrol car

A New Mexico teen went to drastic measures to be reunited with her boyfriend in jail PLUS how one man racked up a $1600 Uber bill.

What Did We Miss? Cartoonish sketch helps police ID suspect

Officers looked at this sketch and knew that squiggly hair and razor thin smile could only belong to one person.

What Did We Miss? Nissan unveils new self-parking slippers

Nissan is proving they can park your car by parking slippers. It's a solid one to one.

What Did We Miss? 12 camels disqualified from beauty pageant for Botox use

Some camel owners felt the need to have their camels' lips and forehead accentuated. You know, the usually inconspicuous parts of a camel.

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