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What Did We Miss? Sheriff loses election, fires the deputy sheriff that beat him

South Dakota Deputy Sheriff Mark Maggs gets some great news and then immediately get some not-that-great news.

What Did We Miss? Wedding crasher steals newlyweds’ gifts

Chronic wedding crasher Arianna Tysinger explains the appeal of showing up to random strangers' weddings.

What Did We Miss? Pot dispensary burglary was an inside job

Two pot shop employees get highly motivated after they're fired. PLUS a special look at a 91-year-old hockey AND an 8-year-old hockey player.

What Did We Miss? Woman refuses to come down from tree for 11 hours

One woman just won't get out a tree and one man just won't get out of his parent's house.

What Did We Miss? Oregon golf resort employs goat caddies

Goats can be caddies now and insecure human caddy Troy Coleman is not happy about it.

What Did We Miss? Raccoon family crashes through ceiling of home

One home had a family drop in on them PLUS what happened when an armored Brinks truck accidentally spilled cash all over the highway.

What Did We Miss? Man steals $1.2 million in fajitas over 9 years

Wills is joined by scam expert Jack Nelson to break down how someone can make off with this many fajitas.

What Did We Miss? Man creates and pilots a 28-foot-tall robot

A Japanese man has created a personal Gundam suit PLUS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their own comic book... even though they aren't the ones who just built a personal Gundam suit.

What Did We Miss? Two airline pilots report a UFO sighting over Arizona

This week's segment has UFO sighting reports but the face yoga is the weirdest thing you'll see.

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