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What Did We Miss? Cleveland Browns fans celebrate 0-16 season with parade

Cleveland Browns fans don't have a reason to celebrate but that won't stop them. Also, wild turkeys have stopped mailmen from visiting one neighborhood.

Best of ‘What Did We Miss?’ 2017

Thank you for supporting "What Did We Miss?" this year! Enjoy your picks for the best stories of 2017.

Vote for your favorite ‘What Did We Miss?’ story of 2017

Pick your favorite weird news story! Tune in to Good Morning Carolina this Thursday to see what you picked.

What Did We Miss? “Harambe Kong” video game sparks controversy

An arcade game is causing outrage and the streets of San Francisco now has one less bazooka.

What Did We Miss? 16-year-old builds rollercoaster in his backyard

Come see this teenager's rollercoaster and find out what cricket bread is! (It's exactly what it sounds like but watch the video anyway)

What Did We Miss? Travelers can ride this motorized luggage like a cart

You can scoot around the airport on this motorized luggage and it's only $1,395!

What Did We Miss? Flat Earth Convention held in Cary, NC

Cary hosted a group of Flat Earth believers. Yup, that's what that says. They know the Earth is flat.... watch the segment.

What Did We Miss? Hidden chamber discovered in Great Pyramid of Giza

There's a new discovery about the Great Pyramid of Giza. Only took us 4500 years to notice this one.

What Did We Miss? Intoxicated man tries to steal a fire truck

This man tried to steal a fire engine... while the firefighters were still in it.

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