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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Tag: What Did We Miss?

What Did We Miss? Truck hauling 260 kilos of meth crashes into police cars

A drug courier might have gotten away if they had hit any other car PLUS what would you rather give up for a month? Your phone or your dog?

What Did We Miss? Pilots at LAX report seeing a man in a jetpack

One man boldly goes where no one ever should PLUS we have a look at a flying car!

What Did We Miss? Tokyo parks unveil transparent public bathrooms

They're public. They're see-through. They're bathrooms. Check out how they're still private PLUS murder hornets!

What Did We Miss? Tourist breaks toes off 200-year-old statue

One man got a little too comfy in an Italian museum PLUS scientists are creating an artificial skin that can feel.

What Did We Miss? Man used prosthetic mask, fake IDs to steal $100,000 from casinos

One thief's method requires disappearing into the role PLUS women like men who don't like cats.

What Did We Miss? Former eBay employees charged with cyberstalking critic

Former eBay employees tormented a couple with tactics from an '80s teen movie but more importantly, check out this runaway kangaroo!

What Did We Miss? Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is now on sale

For $75K you can have a dog that never sheds PLUS kids in Seattle stage a Black Lives Matter rally.

What Did We Miss? Hidden treasure chest worth $1 million found in Rocky Mountains

A decade-long search for treasure comes to an end AND a smartwatch app will help you wash your hands.

What Did We Miss? Monkeys steal coronavirus blood samples from hospital in India

A couple of curious monkeys clutched coronavirus samples from a clinic PLUS see some size 75 shoes for social distancing.

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Too little, too late? Bar owners react to Gov. Cooper’s Phase 3

Governor Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that North Carolina will move into Phase 3 of COVID-19 reopening on Friday, allowing some businesses to reopen for the first time since March.

COVID-19 assistance for farmers market operators and local food hubs

Beginning Oct. 1, farmers markets operators and local food hubs can apply for assistance through the COVID-19 Emergency Aid for Farmers Market Operators and Local Food Hubs program.

Person falls off Oak Island Pier, clings to piling until rescued

A man was rescued from the ocean Wednesday morning after they fell off the end of the Oak Island Pier, according to Oak Island Water Rescue. 

‘Negative, uncivil’: Voters react to chaotic first 2020 presidential debate

People around the nation and right here in the Cape Fear are still digesting the fiery debate Tuesday night between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.