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What Did We Miss? Halloween Edition

Wills reviews different Halloween decorations with spooky special guest Joe LeFevre

What Did We Miss? Snakehunting Florida couple catches 18-foot python

One Florida couple is destined to be together PLUS two rival high schools share the same building.

What Did We Miss? Man 3D-prints a Lamborghini

A father and son in Colorado make their dream car PLUS Some Swedish royals are no longer royal AND wedding dresses made of toilet paper!

What Did We Miss? Navy confirms videos of UFO sightings

The U.S. Navy confirms footage of unidentified flying objects but won't use the term UFO. ALSO, a bizarre Swiss funeral and PLUS an unusual auction item.

What Did We Miss? Restaurant owner sprays reporter with hose

One restaurant owner has a foolproof way to end interviews PLUS South African runners do a marathon while carrying trees!

What Did We Miss? Longhorn storms into building

A Colorado cattle drive loses a cow PLUS two thieves pull off the most casual heist PLUS a man with a giant street-legal shopping cart.

What Did We Miss? New Jersey home stalked by “The Watcher” sold

A couple sold their home after years of receiving creepy letters. Special Guests: Emily Gomez and Phill Antonino.

What Did We Miss? French inventor crosses the English Channel on hoverboard

Franky Zapata completes the 22-mile journey PLUS Wills tells the joke that cost the NC Board of Elections chairman his job.

What Did We Miss? 79-year-old woman sentenced to jail for feeding stray cats

One woman finds out how serious her town is about stray cats PLUS A Nebraska woman complains about a satanic statue even though it's for a friendly neighborhood hero.

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