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What Did We Miss? Man debates AI machine and wins

IBM's "Project Debater" met its match but also... guys, it was a talking, thinking robot. Pretty impressive.

What Did We Miss? Inmate falls through ceiling while trying to escape

One prisoner's escape came crashing down, a millennial gave up on rent and a cab driver kept his passenger from getting scammed.

What Did We Miss? Shredded Banksy art on display in museum

People saw Banksy's shredded painting and said "still looks nice" PLUS a man is caught on video faking a workplace fall.

What Did We Miss? Jetpack Racing League expected to launch this year

We look at an exciting new racing league and an even more exciting Guinness World Record. What town has the steepest street?!

What Did We Miss? Suit simulates feeling old

A suit can make you feel like you're over 80 years old. Speaking of aging, Wills isn't thrilled with his #10yearchallenge.

Best of ‘What Did We Miss?’ 2018

We asked you for your favorite weird stories of the year! Here they are! Yippee!

What Did We Miss? Poacher sentenced to repeatedly watch ‘Bambi’

Every week Wills Maxwell reports the strange news stories that WWAY did not cover. This week's stories include. A poacher has to watch Bambi...

What Did We Miss? Lemur escapes from trailer during DUI stop

A Florida man was pulled over while hauling a lemur, goat, parrot, and a wallaby. That's the normal part of the story.

Vote for your favorite ‘What Did We Miss?’ story of 2018

It's time to pick your favorite weird news stories of the year! Tune in to Good Morning Carolina on Thursday, Dec. 27th to see your winners.

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