Oak Island could rebuild beloved skate park

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — In Oak Island, a skate park could finally be rebuilt, albeit later rather than sooner.

Hurricane Isaias leveled Oak Island’s Kevin Bell skate park last year. The park has been cleaned up since then, but still needs to be rebuilt.

Last month, council approved a new design for the park. In December’s regular council meeting next week, it could approve the contractor and begin construction. But according to Communications Director Mike Emory, the construction supply demand and worker shortage could push back the start of work from February to late 2022.

“You know though we probably won’t get this rebuilt at the speed at which we would all like, we will have a better view of the projected timeline hopefully within the next week or so,” Emory said.

According to Emory, its an issue near and dear to Oak Island locals’ hearts. Since the storm, many locals have emailed and called asking when it will be rebuilt.

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