Rates for Fort Fisher to Southport ferry to increase

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  If you plan to take the Fort Fisher to Southport ferry later this summer, be prepared to pay more.

In 2013, the legislature passed a new bill as to how the state ferry system could change tolls.

The Cape Fear Rural Planning Organization and the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization requested a hike for this ferry route.

On Thursday, the NC Board of Transportation approved the hike. The increased rates will only apply to the Fort Fisher to Southport ferry route.

Tolls for a single cars will increase from $5 to $7. A vehicle between twenty to forty feet will go up from $10 to $14 and rates for a vehicle larger than forty feet will nearly double. The cost goes from $15 to $28.

The rate for pedestrians will remain $1, bikes will stay at $2, and motorcycles keep the current $3 rate.

Also, commuter passes will remain $150 a year.

NC Ferry Division spokesoman Tim Hass says the extra money will be used to replace aging ferries. The new tolls will take effect in early to mid-August.

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