Recent Drought Conditions Impact Local Crops

Burgaw, Pender County

WWAY (Burgaw)– Lack of rain is resulting in severe drought across the Cape Fear which is causing local farmers to lose their crops, but luckily some areas have been spared. 

In Burgaw, corn and soybean crops were beginning to dry out until the recent rain they have received in the last few days.  

Luckily the rain restored the crops enough to help them perk back up.  

Normally, soy bean plants would be two to three feet tall and corn would be ready for harvest. 

With rain showers typically being isolated to various locations this time of year, the economic impact on local farmers varies from who gets the most rainfall and who doesn’t.  

Mark Seitz, Pender County Cooperative Extension Director says..

“The crops were looking really distressed. We had a lot of curled up ears on these corn plants. The soybeans weren’t growing we weren’t getting the plant height”  

The corn’s natural instinct is to curl up in order to conserve what little water they may have left. 

Seitz also says that agriculture is an art just as much as science is.  

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