Students in CFCC’s EMS program got a close look at a medical transportation helicopter

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students at Cape Fear Community College Emergency Medical Services program got a chance to see a helicopter used for medical transport up close today.

CFCC collaborated with New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s AirLink medical transport program to give students a chance to learn about air ambulance protocols. Students got to look inside the helicopter and listen to those in the field explain the process of medical transport with a helicopter. CFCC’s EMS program director and a student, both said it was a great and important experience.

“The AirLink/VitaLink crew are amazing. We discussed this with our students in class, but for them to actually see the aircraft, talk to the pilots, talk to the actual caregivers, the nurses and paramedics is just phenomenal,” said Chip Munna, CFCC EMS program director CFCC.

“Inside the helicopter it’s insane. It is smaller, and it’s –they’re in a compact environment, and then they have to do –save a life, and then they’re in this small compartment. It’s amazing to watch,” said Adrianna Foutty, EMT student.

More than 30 students were on hand, with two groups of EMT students, and one group of paramedic students.

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