Surfer suffers minor injuries in shark encounter in Surf City

SURF CITY, NC (WWAY)– A surfer is recovering after a brief encounter with a shark. According to the Surf City Fire Department, the surfer was in the water near the Surf City Pier around 8 a.m. Tuesday when a spinner shark grazed her leg.

“Sharks doing their thing, jumping around eating bait, one actually jumped up and just kind of on its way back down kind of Grazed her leg. She did get some lacerations on her leg, but it wasn’t like a true shark bite, it was more of a brush up encounter,” said Allen Wilson, Surf City Fire Chief.

One tourist was on the beach when emergency responders were on the scene.

“My daughter and I were going for a morning walk looking for shells and shark teeth and things like that, and we heard the sirens going. We saw people running in from the water. Wasn’t really sure, we knew they were surfers, and then when we got up closer, I saw like the cut in her leg,” said Laurie Weidert, beachgoer.

The surfer was able to get herself out of the water, and refused medical transport to the hospital. she drove herself to the hospital, and has been treated for minor lacerations on her leg.

Surf City Fire Chief Allen Wilson is asking beachgoers to be aware of marine life in the water.

“One of the things we want to tell people is you know, when you are in the water, understand that there are predators in the water. Not only sharks, you know there’s stingrays out there, there’s jellyfish out there. So, you know we try to caution people as much as we can and you know if you see schools of bait fish, you know try to stay away,” said Wilson.

Witnessing the response has many tourists on their toes, keeping aware when in the water.

“On our walk, we also saw a stingray, it was like a baby stingray, and you know I have three kids. We have lots of kids here, they come and play, and so when I’m out there I’m a little more like ‘how far are we out’, you know things like that,” said Weidert.

You are encouraged to call 911 if you injured in the water and should report if the injury is due to an interaction with marine life.

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