Tiny home construction continues in Wilmington for chronically homeless

WILMINGTON, NC (WWY)– A new 31-unit tiny home village is currently under construction to house the chronically homeless in Wilmington.   

Eden Village, which is the name of the project, builds relationships and communities for the homeless of Wilmington.   

The village that is under construction consists of tiny houses that will be fully furnished with necessities for future residents.   

They’ll also have a community building that will provide people who live on the streets, a place to bathe and escape from the cold.  

Shawn Hayes is Eden Village’s Executive Director and says they’re about 50-percent done with the homes in community.   

“We have a total of 17 homes on site, with another 14 homes to go, and in the background, you can see the community center that is well on its way to being built,” said Eden Village’s Executive Director Shawn Hayes.  

The tiny homes are expected to be finished by early 2023. 

To donate to the cause and be a “home builder”, you can click here.  

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