(UPDATE) Wilmington friends push terminally ill woman through marathon

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sunday, a group of friends pushed their friend with terminal bone cancer through the Philadelphia marathon for one last race.

The three Wilmington women, Angela Purvis, Maleia Tumolo, and Nicole Perry helped Diane Berberian roll 26.2 miles Sunday. After pushing her wheelchair, nicknamed “the chariot”, the runners helped Berberian out of her chair and assisted her walking across the finish line on her own.

Purvis said it was a precious moment she will always remember.

“We’re just foot soldiers. We enjoy training that hard. We’ve all run like 50ks and 50 mile ultras so the work isn’t the hard part. It was the blessing of getting to be there with her,” she said.
Tumolo continued, “I think that that was probably one of the happiest moments of Diane’s existence. Honestly.”

Berberian also got to be pushed through an 8k and half marathon last weekend. Sunday’s marathon was Diane’s last race.

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