Vigil held in Wilmington for victims of Uvalde, Buffalo shootings

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Community members came together in a park downtown on Saturday, to pray and honor the lives of the victims in the Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas mass shootings.

“It’s sad, and I just hope things get better. I hope people will come out here and understand what this vigil is going to be about, and understand that we are hurting,” said Robert Bellamy, Speak Ya Peace NC co-founder.

The “Crimes Against Humanity” vigil was held in 1898 Memorial Park, calling for a stop to gun violence.

At the vigil, prayers were said and poems were recited to honor the lives of the 10 victims of the shooting at the Buffalo, New York supermarket., and the 21 victims of the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

“It’s good to be present in this moment, but it’s a sad occasion, and these occasions are happening quite too frequently in the country that we live in, seeing fatalities of innocent people just enjoying their lives,” said Mahlaynee Cooper, Speak Ya Peace NC co-founder.

“I’m sure that the people who died for this country did not die for American terrorists to get away with murder and to constantly kill innocent people,” said Sonya Patrick, local activist and representative of the National Black Leadership Caucus.

The country experiencing two mass shootings in the span of two weeks, the New Hanover County chapter of the national black leadership caucus and women organizing for Wilmington hosted the vigil as a call for action pushing for the H.R. 8 bill to be passed, which would aid in gun control.

“These bill will require that people have a background check before they purchase these weapons, and we feel that, –that would help resolve some of the issues. It’s very easy to purchase a gun,” said Patrick.

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