Wilmington City Council to vote on resolution changing alcohol law enforcement in downtown

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —Wilmington City Council is holding a meeting on Tuesday, and voting on a resolution that would allow Wilmington Police to crack down on liquor law violations is on the agenda.

The resolution would form an agreement with the New Hanover County ABC Board, giving five WPD officers the ability to assume non-exclusive responsibility for ABC law enforcement in the downtown Central Business District.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says the measure would go a long way in helping make sure people are enjoying the Port City, responsibly and legally.

“Obviously a lot of people use fake ID’s to get into the clubs, maybe they get overserved, they may end up coming out of those clubs and endangering the public, and so this give us the opportunity to deputize our officers to be able to go in and enforce ALE laws. We think it’s a good thing for our community, for those establishments, and for the individuals that are, –unfortunately, violating the law,” said Bill Saffo, Wilmington mayor.

Officers assigned to enforce ABC laws will have to go through a state training program.


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