Wilmington nonprofit hosts program for teen mothers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —A local non-profit is hosting a monthly program with a focus on connecting mentors with teen mothers.

“Just Us Girls” is hosted on the first Sunday of each month by the nonprofit “Helping Others Proceed Effectively“, also known as “HOPE” at the Sokoto House in Wilmington.

The program’s goal is to give teen moms a safe space to connect over shared experiences and speak with mentors.

“Now they’re responsible for another human being, when they’re not fully developed themselves. So, we’re just going to support them and walk with them through the good times and the bad times,” said Brenda Galloway, HOPE Director.

Program organizer and director of HOPE, Brenda Galloway, said her own experiences influenced her to start the program.

“I was a teen mom twice, once at 17 and once at 19, and I remember my struggles. I had a supportive family, and a supportive community, but I realized that although they supported me and showed me love, I felt different, because I was different,” said Galloway.

Teen mothers are able to bring their children with them to the monthly meeting, where presentations are held to uplift them, and learn about resources.

“We have unlimited resources and services that we can connect them with, whatever they need. If we don’t have it here, among us at Sokoto House, we will find it,” Galloway.

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