Wilmington’s City Hall building has not been as easily accessible lately

Wilmington, NC (WWAY)– The City of Wilmington has made some changes in recent months at one of its busiest buildings that are designed to improve security.

All of the entrances to City Hall are now locked, and anyone who has business within the building must call a phone number listed on a sign outside the door in order to enter the building.  A spokesperson with the city says the decision to step up security was done out an abundance of caution and basic protocol. 

Another reason why you cannot enter the building without assistance is because the staff is in the process of moving offices around as they have acquired the building across the street as well.

The only instance when the doors are unlocked is during public matters within the building such as a city council meeting. During that time, the main entrance is accessible. 

The city does plan to implement more efficient ways to get inside in the future.

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