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103 year old woman votes

A Pleasure Island resident exercised her right to vote Monday. This isn't unusual - except for the fact that Lula McQuillan is 103. While McQuillan has voted before, she can't remember the last time she cast a ballot. It is apparently been a while because she had to re-register. Once that was out of the way, she handled the electronic ballot with ease. Her relatives tell us Lula thinks Barack Obama is a handsome guy; though she didn't come right out and tell us who got her vote.

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103 yr.old votes

No one could have said it better. Kudos to you!


I truly agree with this person. Obama has no business running for president when he can't even salute our flag or put his hand on the bible. I can't believe that someone would acutally vote for such a person. It is almost unreal. Yes, my vote will be going for Mcain all the way........

It is amazing to me how you

It is amazing to me how you can presume what someone did or did not do to influence her vote. I don't see anywhere that her daughter said she voted for Obama, and you know what they say about assuming things. To comment that by voting for Obama because he is black makes me wonder what you really know about him or his record. The country has already gone to hell and a hand basket under Bush. You speak as if McCain is the candidate best suited to run for President. A man who was 5th from the bottom in his class and has stated that this country is fine. Obama is a graduate of Harvard and if we are to assume, this would indicate that he is an educated man. Have we not learned from Bush that we do not need another uneducated man in office. I would like to know what skeletons that have surfaced about Obama that would indicate that he is unsuited to be President? You speak of him not having experience it would seem the opposite to me. How funny that a Black man with no experience and skeletons won the Democratic nomination for the Presidential Candidate. I guess the fact that Powell( who is a Republican) and others whom have years of experience back his candidacy is based on the fact that they just want a Black Man in the White House. What about all the White voters whom have and will vote for him? I guess they just want to see a Black man in office too. I wonder what McCain has done while he had his hand on the bible. Do you think he has skeletons?

Clark, some questions for you.

Bush Jr. went to Harvard too! MBA 1975. His BA is also covered in ivy - from Yale. Since you seem to think so highly of Harvard, can I assume that you will now think as highly of Bush's education as you do Obama's? Did you pay attention in school when they taught you that our Government is comprised of three, equally powerful, branches of government? Does Executive, Legislative and Judicial ring a bell? The President isn't a king - it's called that "checks and balances" thing. Since you think our country has gone to hell under Bush, then can I also assume you are hoping that Republicans will win the majority in Congress? After all, Democrats have the majority now. Following your logic, they are as much to blame as Bush.

Then you made the right choice

if you are voting for, as you said "[the] one ...that fought for this country and is proud to put his hand on the Bible, salute the flag of our country and wear it proudly on his lapel!" Then clearly you are voting for Senator Obama for the next president of the US! thank you! He wears the flag on his lapel (more than the other guy)...he takes his oath on of office on our Holy Bible and is a devout Christian, and has fought for this country by organizing and helping the least among us, serving proudly in the Illinois legislature and in our US states Senate. He is a man of honor and a man of great patriotism and will be the next president of the US...I am glad he has your informed, educated, and unbiased, unprejudiced, unbigotted vote. God Bless you and God Bless Senator Obama.


YOU DARE throw God Bless into a sentence with Obama when he is FOR the mass murdering of babies! Economic redistribution is WRONG and it is STEALING..of course if you don't pay taxes and don't have a job...I guess stealing is OK...


Why is it you pro-lifers are so rude to humans that are already born? Why is it some of you think it is justified to murder a Doctor and his staff that help women obtain abortions legally? Why is it you have to stick your nose into the wombs off everyone else? Whether you agree with it or not it is legal and NONE of your business. Like Zippy said " IF YOU ARE AGAINST ABORTION, DON'T HAVE ONE".


Keeping the choice available to women is not being FOR mass murder. How ridiculous. Remember that Bush has been president for 8 years and it is still legal. Unwanted pregnancy however it came about is a serious problem and having the choice to legally abort is the private decision of the people involved. If you are against abortion then don't have one, but keep your personal fanatic religious beliefs out of other womens lives. What do you call the huge bailout that just happened? It is redistribution.

103 lady votes

My sentiments EXACTLY !


Talk about a comment being made and being blown out of proportion.....Just because she thinks the man is handsome does not mean she voted for him.....They said they didn't know who she voted for! At 103 she probably knows a lot more than you think she does. You people are so quick to make assumptions. Get a life!!!

103 old woman

Hello. I am so proud of my grandmother. The correct way to spell her last name, however, is "Mc Quillan". She is my great grandmother. My grandmother Doris took her so I am proud of her too. Voting is important. I teach my two sons to vote. I always take them with me to vote. Thank you

Voting is mportant

Voting is important, I agree. However casting a vote based on appearance, color, religion etc is garbage. If one is not educated on the issues and the platform on which his/her candidate stands, then it is nothing more than stuffing the ballot box. I don't care if you are 18 or 103.... After I listened to the Howard Stern (not that I am a fan, it was aired on another program) interviews where they went into Harlem and attributed all of McCain's plans to Obama and people agreed with the stance on issues. So tell me those people have any idea for what they are voting. And we wonder why we are coming apart at the seams. Voters have an obligation to educate themselves!