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Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

READ MORE: Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Ron Hewett is no longer Brunswick County's sheriff. He resigned Tuesday. Hewett had been suspended but was still technically sheriff pending the outcome of a May removal hearing. Now he's out, and still faces two criminal investigations. Some say this was expected -- it was just a matter of when. Regardless, suspended Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett had his attorneys turn in a resignation letter late this morning. It's effective immediately. The letter was quite short. Hewett wrote: "I hereby resign my position as the sheriff of Brunswick County effectively immediately."

more on the hewett story here...

After receiving the letter District Attorney Rex Gore withdrew the petition to remove Hewett from office. According to County Attorney Huey Marshall, everything associated with the petition goes away. Coroner Greg White continues as interim sheriff. There are still four state criminal indictments against Ron Hewett. Despite Tuesday's resignation letter those indictments remain. Hewett also remains the target of an ongoing federal grand jury investigation. A call to the US attorneys office yielded a "no comment" today.

What's next for Hewett

Despite today's resignation, Ron Hewett's legal problems are far from over. White will continue as acting sheriff. The county commissioners sent a letter Tuesday to the local Democratic Party, requesting the group nominate a replacement. They have 30 days to do so. Then it's back in the commissioners hands to approve the nominee.

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Not me, or any cop I know..

There are exactly three of you who may still support him, I think... No LEO with any sense, or more than six months experience would support this fellow for a job as a garbage man.. As you reap, so shall you sow.. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Hang tuff? How about just hanging him?

I don't think you will be seeing him on the ballot again. Nor would he have enough support to win. Your faith is misplaced. Find a new hero to worship this one is a wash out.

Pleaing down the charge


Hang Tuff

You must be smoking some of "Ron's Popcorn"!!

You need something to go with the PopCorn

Maybe a coke?

Can't help but chuckle.....

After all the good cops you tried to destroy by pulling their careers out from under them... Look at ya now! Do you think you'll enjoy prison? Buh-Bye!!!!


You've set others up and made them resign after ruining them on the front pages so now it truly has come full circle. I pray someday you will apologize to me and to my family and set the record straight - C

Don't let the door knob hit you in the a@@

Good riddance. Now you know how all those people felt when you cut there career short. How the mighty have fallen.


I am still in shock that all of these things have happened, and sorry that it all came out the way it has. I must be too trusting because I thought the (former)Sheriff was an upstanding man, at least until recently. I will pray for you and your family.

Pray he goes to jail because

Pray he goes to jail because that's where he belongs.

OMFG!!! I don't have an

OMFG!!! I don't have an inside connection anymore!! What am I going to do now???

wow...........are you scared

wow...........are you scared Ronny? you were already embezzling so you should have continued drawing the paycheck...........hope the family has a nice savings you have to pay for services.......i am sure thomas wright is waiting on you so you all can discuss your past embezzlement schemes.......

Ron Hewett

We will be praying you , and your family.

A sign

Just another sign he knows he has been caught and his guilt is coming to light.

Resignation of Hewett

I guess he decided the publicity was too much and it was best for the residents of Brunswick County if he resigned. He has been tried and sentenced before he has a trial in the eyes of alot of people. Remember that corruption is not usually a one man/woman game. Others need to be held accountable for their participation in his downfall. I hope they all are named and their reputations are ruined like Hewett's has been. I am in no way a supporter of Hewett's, but I think that he is not alone in corruption in the Sheriff's office.

It's to bad

This is a sad day in brunswick county, Yes I agree if R. Hewett was in the wrong, he needs to face it. which is does sound like he is definently in the wrong, but for all these people to just blast him is really sad. What happen to the thing called intervention. Why didn't his co-workers just all get together and try to talk with him. You know it had to be hard for the co-workers to (I say) betray him, be his friend to his face, and then turn right around and back stab him. I am not for R. Hewett at all, I knew he was not on the up and up. Its just really sad that people are so harsh. but you know what comes around goes around. To laugh at someone else misfortune, shame on you. Lord forgive those, because they do not know.....

Guess what Charles? If you

Guess what Charles? If you live long enough you will see worse than that come down. But then again haven't you already been around long enough to see "real criminals" in this county go to prison? Herman for one.

Ron's Resignation

Okay, now that Mr. Hewett has resigned; he needs to talk about all the others involved. I believe they are scared and are hoping that he never makes it to a jail cell. As for myself, if you are going to take out one bad apple; then you need to remove them all. He is no more guilty than the ones that allowed him to continue the allegations against him. If you were an average citizen, more heads would be in front of the media.

What about the people he sent to jail by his investigations

I think that the cases he was involved in during his position as sheriff should be retried or at least reinvestigated. How can you have an honest say so in any criminal investigation if you yourself are a criminal, "even if it is innocent until proven guilty." Don't that apply to all the citizens that are not in the positions to manipulate the law enforcement system. Brunswick County what are you going to do about that? Truly his judgement in any case should be questioned, YOU THINK!!!