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DOWNTOWN VIOLENCE: Rhino Club patron stabbed to death overnight



A fight in front of the Rhino Club, 125 Market Street, has resulted in the death of a Wilmington man.

The incident was reported at 2:12 a.m. on Monday morning. According to witnesses, a large crowd from the club exited at closing time and a fight broke out. Witnesses said 30 – 40 people were involved. Three men were stabbed. All three victims were driven to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center by people at the scene. One of the men, age 20, had been stabbed in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other two victims are being treated for stab wounds that do not appear to be life-threatening.

The name of the man who died will be released later today. This death is the first homicide reported in 2011.

A second violent incident, possibly related to the incident in front of the Rhino Club, was reported within a few minutes of the stabbings. Two men were shot in the 600 block of Emory Street at about 2:30 a.m. (approximate time). One was grazed by a shot to the head and the other was shot in the back. Neither of their wounds appears to be life-threatening. The victims told investigating WPD officers that they had witnessed the fight in front of the Rhino Club. They reported that they left the area and drove into the Creekwood community. They said that when they pulled in, someone opened fire on them from another vehicle.

Anyone with information about either of these cases is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3600. Information may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Text Tip708 and the information, and send to CRIMES (274637).

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Woooww Come on New Hanover

Woooww Come on New Hanover County WTF is wrong with everyone on here and this hatrid. For all the racism going on if you do your research or educate yourself al ittle on the history of WILM, it goes back to 1898 where Wilmington was ran by Highscale black folks, until the white man ran them out which lead to the Wilmington Riots and WILM 10, etc. We need to come together as a community to seek a conclusion to this problem, not a racial riot. There are men and women(black and white) fighting in Iraq DIEING for our freedom and for our country BUT DO THEY GET RECOGNIZED ??? NNOOOO. Instead of putting all this negativity online why don't you instill it in some positive ways we can bring up the community. My heart goes out to the family of the young man that lost his life. We all bleed the same blood as well as put on our pants the SAME way.


Apparently you folks don't frequent downtown around bar closing time. Most nights it's hard to see fewer than 10 cops down there - most of them posted between Front and 2nd on Market St. because none of the other 40 or so bars have problem crowds. I'd like to see a little ACTUAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING by somebody to determine the amount of man power devoted to downtown while the rest of the taxpayers don't get their share of patrolling because clubs like the Rhino and ROX put such a drain on the WPD. All the information is public so let's see it. Are there really just 3 cops on duty downtown most nights? No. The problem is obvious. We can blame the WPD all we want but that's just the easy way out.

So if so much violence occur

So if so much violence occur near the Rhino club. Why haven't WPD done anything to make it safer or anything? Why do something now just because a life was lost ? You would think something would've been done by now since its a "thugclub". That's what's wrong with people these days, and by reading these comments on here it seems like people thrive on stuff like this so they can talk about the black community. You people are ignorent.

Who says they haven't tried?

Who says they haven't tried? It's not as easy as everyone thinks. The police can show all the evidence they want to show on how bad these clubs are but it is not their call to shut them down so don't blame them. What's ignorant is people commenting on things they have no idea about!

What would you like them to do?

If they have a heavy police presence, the thugs scream "racist" and if they are not there the thugs cry "The police isn't doing anything." You seem to be the ignorant one here.

Bring the Big Cats

from Teblenko's down every night 15 minutes afte closing. Night time is their normal time for stalking game.

That should clear the streets up rather quickly. Or, it will provide some fresh chow for the cats. And to my knowledge, they do not discriminate on the basis of color or creed when selecting the evening repast.

One problem Tom

The cats are carnivores, not bottom feeders.



Yes, you are

Yes, you are rather ignorant.

The Problem?

I do agree with the fact that the rhino has turned into a club filled with degenerates. This is obvious.
As far as continuing the racist comments like the rest on this page, let us not be ignorant.
Where was the police presence? If each victim was driven to the hospital by a witness at the scene. Where were the police?
This city has helped create the problem by diminishing the size of the police presence downtown.
The blame here is to be placed on underage people doing underage things. The victim was 20 years old, he didn't belong in a club in the first place.
This city needs to step up and accept responsibilty for the lack of patrolmen downtown to help keep the problems at bay.
I am tired of the holier than thou snobs around this city that complain about downtown. Do the rest of us law abiding citizens who enjoy a night life scene a big favor, STAY OUT OF DOWNTOWN.
We don't need your input.
Every level of society has crime, no one is excluded.

Whether you know it or not,

Whether you know it or not, the legal age to enter a club is 18.

you only have to be 18 to

you only have to be 18 to get in the clubs downtown actually not 21


Listen None of you see the Violence and the bull like I see it, and every other bouncer downtown. The problem is deeper than the community sees. It starts with the police department. I cant count how many times ive seen fights break out in front of WPD officers and all they do is break up the fight and send them home. What does that teach these thugs? NOT A DAMN THING! It shows the neglect of the police department to keep order. Next its the Club owners, they all complain but yet when it comes time to do something nothing is done. Downtown is a joke. The Police watch as crowds gather in front of the parking lot on 2nd and market, and do nothing. They watch as the crowds gather in front of Rhino, and yet they do nothing. If you allow groups of any race or creed to congregate together, they are bound to have problems. As for this being a "color" related problem, i dont see it that way. I see whites fighting all the time, those fights are broken up and the aggressors are put in cabs and sent home. I understand that the police are understaffed but if you have worked downtown even one night you know where the problems are. So instead of pointing the fingers at people why dont we do something to help better downtown instead of condemning it. Police Need to step up, Security staff need to stop being lax, And bartenders need to stop serving highly intoxicated people. Lets all get on one page as Citizens and bring the glory back to Downtown Wilmington.

So an officer breaks up a

So an officer breaks up a fight and then takes the kid to jail for fighting. That takes one of your police officers you want so badly to be downtown away from downtown for at least an hour if not more for fighting. The kid will get charged, maybe spend a night in jail but probably not and then all the kid will get from the court system is a slap on the wrist anyway. Why should an officer waste his time for just throwing a few punches when there could be something much more serious to happen and then all of you people who want to blame the police will scream because there are no police downtown to take care of it. Well that's because they are at the jail booking every single idiot who had too much to drink and saw some guy looking at his girl the wrong way so he decided to punch him in the face. You people have to make up your mind. Do you want them there for the serious stuff or not?

while this story is sad,

while this story is sad, what is truly disturbing is the blatent racism and ignorance displayed in these comments. disgusting. not all black people are thugs, the same way not all white people are rednecks and not all mexicans are illegal immigrants. i grew up in the south and i love it here, but the ignorance that is still so clearly prevalent here is disturbing. educate yourselves. its 2011.

You expect too much

I thinketh your comment expects more of us --than some are capable of---as you said just look at the tone of comments and shoddy reporting ---not to address an issue---just sleaze

Where have you been living?

Where in the world do you live? You must not live in Wilmington. And to cry truth and racism shows that you are a huge part of the problem. Just walk about five - ten blocks in any direction of downtown at that time of night and get back to me.

it's sad

that a 20 year old died on account of going to a club.

Ignorant opinions

It amazes me how ignorant and prejudice some people still are in the year 2011. Why is it that when a young black African American is killed in a fight or any other instance that it is because they are 1. Black and 2. Guilty. Newsflash, none of you all knew this individual to judge him of his character or were involved in the incident to know if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. For one of the comments to state that blacks should be BANNED from going to clubs, or Black clubs should not operate downtown is beyond racist. I happen to be a BLACK, college student at one of the most prestigious universities on this planet and when I go home (i.e. Wilmington) I sometime go out to these same clubs that I supposedly should be banned from. Im not involved in any gang nor illegal activity yet from these responses I am just as guilty as the rest of my race because I am BLACK. Now that sounds like a bunch of BullS**t to me. Dont STEREOTYPE or GENERALIZE a RACE when you no nothing about it but what you see on TV, or how the NEWS and NEWSPAPER depict my RACE. That is not the entire story. That 20 year old guy was somebodies son, bf/gf, grandson and friend and he didnt deserve to die like that regardless of the situation. And barring blacks from clubs is not only ignorant but is a violation of the 14th amendment under OUR constitution. All of the persons who blame parental involvement in determining the outcome of their off springs, please read a book and become educated on child development. Statistics are only the half of it. Guns and Knives kill people, not the way their parent/s raised them.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry, but you are not going to change prejudices and hatreds that have been engrained in these people for many, many generations. They grew up on it, they live with it, and they'll die with it. There is nothing you can do about that, and giving them attention in these posts is only fueling their hatred and justifying their feelings to themselves. Since you cannot change that, my next best suggestion is to work on the African American race itself and prove them wrong. Parents, get more involved in your children's lives. Know where they are at all times, and who they are with. Only when parents change their attitudes will some of these kids get on the right track. Invest time in your kids. It will pay off big later. When does the insane killing stop? Aren't you so tired of it all? Haven't too many lives been wasted? It's time to step up to the plate and make a change, and it begins with YOU.

Rhino thug club

I cannot believe they can keep that place open. It's a haven for unruly thugs who have zero regard for human lives. It's a cesspool of prison gang type mentalities who will kill anyone in an instant. Ya think something needs to be done? I do. Disgrace.


If it was a haven for thugs who only want to kill someone then someone would have been killed a long time ago. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Rhino club at all!!! The people were fighting over something way bigger than a club. I am there every night they are open and problems like this are very rare. This was just something that happened and yes its sad but there was nothing anyone on staff of the club could have done to stop it and the club isnt what started it. Maybe WPD should have gotten off their butts and tried to stop the fight instead of watch. Because thats all they did. They were there when the arguing started, way before the boy got stabbed. They are here to serve and protect even if it means risking their lives for others and they did nothing even close to that last night.

Is this enough?

for the ABC commission and the City of Wilmington to pull some licenses and cause the doors to be shut?

Considering the Commission and City Council both include African American members, it will be hard for the Owner to pull the race card.

Or, is this the new method for population control?

And the witnesses pulled into Creekwood. WHA, get off your duff and start screening out the bad elements.

Downtown violence

Downtown is such a dump thanks to these bars. Way to go ILM.

Well, see ......

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Knives kill people. If they did not have guns or knives, maybe they would use slingshots. It worked for David in the "David and Goliath" story.

My point in this is that the guy who wanted to have uniformed, but non armed security people down there was an idiot.

How many times have we seen that club in the news regarding problems? I have not kept count but would say, "Many Times !"

The solution is simple. Close the thing down!

Thug club strikes again

Since the Rhino Club caters to thugs, don't be shocked when it goes bad. Not much of a surprise of yet another problem with thugclub. How long before they can be shut down as a nuisance?

The promoters of *Downtown*

The promoters of *Downtown* Wilmington are sooooooo amusing.

Downtown Wilmington has bocome a tacky stipmall of bars, bars, bars and tattoo parlors. Walk down Front Street during the day and take a look! Block after block of dark, dirty bar windows.

Wilmington could have been a miniature Charleston with similar charm. But NO!

The leadership allowed a congestion of bars to take over and rule the downtown scene. How I hate it!

It's the bars, stupidos! Bars, Bars, Bars, Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol!

Get the picture?

No, you probably don't. You don't really care, do you?

What else could it be?

Soooo amusing? The WPD and the City hate that their are so many bars downtown. They'll do everything in their power to close them and prevent them from opening. As I write, I know for a FACT that they are denying applications for ABC permits.

So my question to you, as well as the organizations I mentioned above is this: What else do you propose fill those empty spaces once the bars are gone? Bars employ people. People spend their money. This is good for the economy.

You think dark windows on Front St during the day are bad, because their are bars behind them that only open at night? What are you going to think when the windows are dark day and night because nobody can afford to put any other kind of business in there?

Maybe we can hope that we'll get another Life's Good store, or perhaps another doggie clothing store, or maybe a year round Sand Art storefront so that we don't have to just wait for the big seasonal downtown events to pick up our tourist garbage. OR, maybe we can tempt some more restauranteurs to open up a place they can't afford in a city that has a restaurant for every 20 people. Maybe more professional offices? Businesses are just thriving now aren't they. I'm sure everyone who has space in a a reasonable priced office park would just be dying to move downtown. Do you have any idea what the rent costs on those places? Probably not.

Wilmington could have been a miniature Charleston with similar charm? Interesting. Based on what? The size of the city? What about the size of the population that would support it? Maybe we could have a miniature Charleston based on a miniature calendar year. One in which the entire area is sealed off for 8 months out of the year, only opening for the 4 months of heavy seasonal traffic. I think this is probably closer to the solution that you, the WPD and the City of WIlmington have in mind.

Nobody with any appreciation of running businesses would say, or legislate based on, the ideas that you've said. No more bars! Only knick knack shops who are willing to pay $4k, $6k, $8k, $10k need apply! You're right, with deals like that, there's no way we'd have any dark windows in downtown. Oh, and we can't forget that this is OUR downtown and we'll never let Banana Republic have a shop here! Why would we want their advertising and marketing, or their taxable revenue on our streets?

So here-here 'Guestaholic', you've nailed it. Bars and booze are the problem (of course having 3 cops work the streets at 2am when the bars get out isn't a factor). We must remove them and allow for more retail shops which can afford $4k+ per month in rent, in the midst of terrible economic state when people aren't spending their money. We must make it a retail destination that is not 'on the way' to anywhere that anyone is traveling, in a town that's peppered with other retail opportunities at every single turn. So thank you for your wise and thoughtful Bars, Bars, Bars, Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol posting, Stupido! Get the picture? You're probably not capable, are you?

Yes!!! Well said. I wish

Yes!!! Well said. I wish you would run for Mayor...seriously.

I am a bar owner downtown

I am a bar owner downtown and you hit the nail on the head.