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TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Insurance offers peace of mind. But two UPS customers say they've had nothing but headaches ever since they filed insurance claims after their items were damaged during shipping. Instead of getting their money, they were denied. So they contacted our Troubleshooters for help.

Tim Dreggors says he is out $400-$600 after he shipped some optic drives to California. Ten of the 15 drives arrived damaged. Since he had insured his package when he dropped it off at the UPS Store in Porters Neck, he was not worried. But UPS denied his claim, because of the way the package was packed.

"Individually wrapped and bubble wrapped, and they were double boxed with bubble wrap and newspaper between the two boxes, and I thought that would be quite sufficient," Dreggors said. "Apparently UPS guidelines request more."

He resubmitted the claim, and UPS denied it again. But there was a mix-up. The denial letter he got this time was actually addressed to a Hampstead woman, who's insurance claim UPS also denied.

That's how he met Cindy Coyne, who is also fighting UPS to get reimbursed for the gift she sent to family in Florida. The box was banged up, and the gift was broken.

"So I am really out the cost of the item, which was $130-something, then the insurance and had no gift come Christmas," Coyne said.

Again, UPS denied an insurance claim saying the package wasn't packed properly. Coyne says she used corkboard, newspaper and bubble wrap.

"Why do you sell insurance that you're not honoring?" Coyne said.

We contacted the owner of the UPS Store, who told us these claims go through the corporate office. We called the UPS Store corporate office and got them to look into both claims again. They told us the shipping company, which is UPS, denied them again. So we made another call. This time, to the UPS corporate office.

A spokesperson told us boxes must be packed according to their exact guidelines, which are so detailed, they even tell you what type of cardboard to use and how thick the cushioning and tape need to be. These two packages did not fit those guidelines.

"People beware," Dreggors said. "Read the fine print, you know? Stipulations. I guess there's a catch to everything."

UPS also added that it's not insurance a customer buys. It's called declared value. If your item is worth more than one-hundred dollars, you can choose to declare a higher value for the item and pay an additional charge.

As for getting that money back, though, as Coyne and Dreggors learned, don't count on it, unless you follow the exact packaging guidelines you can find on the UPS website, or you can pay extra to have the UPS Store package the items for you, and if they're damaged, you are guaranteed your money back.

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Next time use FEDEX

Our family ships frequently with FedEx.

In my experience, it's cheaper, arrives faster, and most importantly, arrives undamaged.

Never had a bad FedEx experience.

USPS is a joke, and it may not even get there.

UPS has customer complaints all the time. They know what they are doing with this insurance mumbo jumbo.

FedEx....when you count on them they do you right.

Damaged equipment

UPS damaged my x-ray processor that I shipped and is refusing to pay for it; it was insured. They claim it did not meet UPS packing guidelines and exceeded the weight limit for it's size. Why did they take my money, pick it up and ship it then? The weight limit should have been a red flag before they picked it up and trashed it! Not happy. Lawyer is contacting them.

If it was inadequatly

If it was inadequatly packaged, why did the UPS store or UPS driver accept the package in the first place?

UPS insurance

So if they can clearly see you haven't packaged it with the right cardboard and tape, why do they let you 'insure' it?


I paid extra for declared value. Son of Owner of BLUFFTON, SC UPS STORE, Hwy 278 excepted and stated (per my packaging of layers of bubble wrap, this side up with arrows and FRAGILE written all over) that, "It should be ok. I'll add some extra packaging for ya." The corner foam the UPS employee added was stated by the "Claims dept" as TOO RIGID----DENIED!!!
So I'm out of a $1500 flat screen plus cost/time for packaging and shipping costs!!!


UPS Insurance rip off

UPS Store packed my item. The item was damaged in shipping and they only want to pay for about 1/2 of the cost of damages.

Denied Case

5/15/2014 -

I just lost a case in El Paso Texas for a claim on my $5000 embroidery machine. I took in my own box and asked them to help me ship it back in March 2013. They gave me the materials to ship and helped me pack it. I did not know how to ship such an item but after watching a commercial saying they will help pack I decided to use them. Big mistake. The claim was denied 2 and the lawsuit against the store was lost because of the statement in the affidavit you sign for the "insurance/declared value." It clearly says the store cannot be held responsible. I even asked for the footage because the employees all lied on the stand about telling me it was my fault and that they never helped me. The owner said we don't keep video footage despite in order telling them too. Even with that the judge said because the statement says they aren't responsible they won. I am not sure what steps to take now but I am considering a lawsuit against the actional corporation.


Do you think they might have thrown it over a fence :) Just saying!


Yes, when I look at the damage that occurred to my damaged printer during the return process, I am sure they did something to it. The original damage was a printing issue because the popcorn bubbles had gotten into the printer. The packaging was pretty banged up, but the printer itself (physically) was fine. Due to the poor packaging the drawers came open allowing the popcorn bubbles to get imbedded.

After the damage inspection the printer was returned to me. The printer that was returned to me was not in the same state as the printer that was shipped to the buyer and was damaged. The printer that was returned to me was Cracked, Bent, Scratched, and dented. This damage occurred when UPS sent the printer back to me.

They did not even bother to pack it. It had cardboard wrapped around it. I found the printer on my porch. The bottom of the printer was exposed and sitting on the porch, it was not even covered by the cardboard.

They either through it across a fence or dropped it off the truck and rolled it to the door. I have never seen anything like it. I guess since there was a damage claim, UPS decided it was ok to destroy it as well. Only wish they had completed the job and disposed of it.

The printer weighs 65 pounds. Thrown or Dropped? maybe to cut cost, they dragged it behind the truck... that's what it looks like.

we can tell

We can tell you are just saying because you posted what you said.

Rushing Workers

I've worked a few places and my opinion is that UPS is stingy and unionized, but this ain't the worst of it. The worst part is they compensate for their incompetence by rushing their work orders. Employees are watched and forced to do more than they can safely do. This results in a lot of damaged goods upon deliver to the recipient. I've seen this in a lot of work places so it's an educated opinion.

Bottom line, a lot of places that shouldn't be in business ARE in business and stick around for a while. Eventually, the bad practices catch up with them, but for a long while, they wreak havoc.

UPS Store denies my damage claim

I am in the process of relocating from California to Florida and shipped my Mothers Lenox China.
I double wrapped each item in bubble wrap and all voids were filled with packing peanuts.
Out of the 64 items shipped, 8 were broken and the box was crushed at the bottom and one side looked to have been torn off and had been taped.
The box was new when shipped and when delivered it looked like the Sampsonite Ape had used it for a commercial.
I contacted UPS and they instructed me to send photos of the box and damaged items.
They responded to my claim by email but I herd nothing after that and two weeks passed.
When I followed up with a phone call to UPS Claims they told me they had completed their investigation and referred me to the UPS Store.
I contacted the UPS Store in California and was told to submit a proof of value for the broken China items
Three days later the UPS store called me and said my claim was denied because I packed the items myself.
This China is 24 carat gold and discontinued by Lenox.
I was shocked at the cost to replace the broken items but had enough insurance to cover my loss.
Well now its time to notify BBB and file in small claims court.

damaged box with tv

I shipped a 51" Samsung 3d tv from Brandon Fla to Vineland n.n, before shipping i asked the man at the ups store what is necessary to ship this package so it wont be damaged and for the insurance to be in effect!he told me that it needs to have at least 2" of peanuts all around the tv, thats all he said, i put 2" of styrofoam at each corner, then wrapped the tv with 3 rows of bubble wrap completely covering the entire tv, i put a layer of cordboard on top of the peanuts at the bottom so the weight of the tv wouldent slip down thru the peanuts.When the package arrived the bottom corner was crushed in and the tv will not power up...i have been given the run around and was told improper packaging,NO WAY..i followed there guide lines to the tee...and im getting ready to contack fox news, btw im a disabled vietnam vet, fox will love this story

UPS Damage Claim/Do I need to give up item damaged?

Filing a claim w/ UPS is like pulling teeth! Almost 3 months have passed and since the package was shipped by Staples that compounds the problem. They all say the claim has been approved FINALLY!
The item was insured for $500 but actually it could be worth $2000 to $4000. I couldn't afford to insure the item for the real amount so I decided on $500.
Now UPS wants the item but I do not want to give it up at least not until I've been paid the damages. By law, do I have to give up the item? It's my item and I wanted it here with me. UPS destroyed it, but I have to relinquish it? That's ridiculous! I would like to know my rights. If I can repair the item and move it I would.
I just want to do the right thing here. Please comment.
Thank you for the help.

UPS insurance claims

My package was in the original Manf. styrofoam packing and the claim was denied "Crawford " Ups insurer said it was not damaged in tranisit. Therefor even if it is packed correctly they will still find a way to deny all claims. After doing some research it appears they do pay claims........14% of all claims were paid !
Use Fed ex

re: packaging and shipping

I had a collection of records to mail from Md to Calif. I took the items to a UPS
store and paid dearly to have them taken care of and shipped.

I then arrive on the west coast (4 weeks later the boxes come in) and needless to say, the box housing the 78 rpms was ill packed and 3 of the 5 were broken. The experienced UPS packer had placed the items against the wall of the box without any type of reinforcement to prevent damage simply from handling, let along throwing and dropping.

I called UPS to file a claim. I was told to wait and they would get in touch with me. It is now July and this action took place early April and still no notice of money. I then call to hear they have no record of me placing a claim and to file it all over again. So this is where I sit. Broken items, no recovery and assistance by the UPS.

Maybe FED EX is the avenue to take since the standard mail runs by the same rules.

Bought a computer on ebay,

Bought a computer on ebay, the seller had a UPS store pack it, sent from state of washington to michigan..criss crossed the USA 3 times...arrived 2 weeks late busted. UPS will not pay the $1220 it cost to buy. Even the UPS store owner is shocked they won't cover the loss.
There was no insurance on it ! What a bunch of bull$%$# ! They want you to insure for their liability. They feel they have no responsibility for the damage which they caused. UPS = thieves. DON'T EVER USE THEM
From now on I will specifically request NO UPS when I buy anything online. Screw them !!

Un-paid damage claim

UPS Claims says my guitar was packed fine.but claim I knew the neck was broken before I shipped it.. When I asked what they were implying. The person I was speaking to did not understand what imply meant. He just stated that we are denying claim because you sent a guitar already broken. Than try to get a payment. When I asked to speak with a person that spoke better English. I was disconnected. The date of the denied claim is 2 days before they even picked the package up from the Buyer for inspection. Where do I go from here? Sounds like they are saying this is fraud


Same story except they broke the back on mine. Lawsuit time for me and my attorney is an expert on vintage Gibsons

The "how to pack" guide on

The "how to pack" guide on the UPS page is pretty good actually and really not that complicated. If you have questions about how to correctly pack your stuff and cant understand them, I would recommend you ASK someone who works there. As a person that works in this industry I cant even tell you how many times I have to explain the difference between declared value and insurance. UPS/FedEx do not sell insurance..period. If your package is worth a lot and you dont take the time to ensure its packed appropriately I say shame on you. Pay someone to pack it for you if you want to make sure its done correctly!

Pay someone to pack it for you?

Well, I paid the UPS store to pack my printer. UPS determined my package was damaged because they used insufficient packing materials, and the wrong box, and insufficient cushioning material.

One would think a UPS store would know, have access too, and use the proper packing materials and procedures.

Accused of Fraud

How do you combat fraud. I sent a guitar. In a hard case in-cased in bubble wrap plus 3/4 inch thick foam insulation. The box survived the drop -but the neck snapped. They aren't saying my packing was bad. In fact they said in was good. However they felt in this case I had shipped the guitar with a broken neck on purpose. Than tried to file a claim. It was sold on Ebay . I even had dated pictures of before and after. Pictures of the packing process etc. Their answer was I could easily alter the dates on the camera. I send roughly 20 high end guitars a year out to various buyers. This is the first claim in 4 years. 4 years ago it was a guitar amplifier. They managed to fork-lift the guts out. However 4 years ago I was speaking with UPS. They took care of the whole mess. This recent claim The parties accusing me a fraud, speak terrible english. What would you suggest I do. How can they say I met the packing guidelines but decide they didn't damage my item. seems as though they can say whatever they want.

This is certaintly nothing

This is certaintly nothing new, I went through the same thing a couple of years ago. It dosent matter how you package it - they will deney the claim. I had pics of my packing, but that wasnt good enough for the fancy insurance claims agent they sent out. UPS did not even refund my shipping charges. They will come up with some reason not to pay. Sometimes I think their handlers play football with the packages. I got smart and started using the postal service. CC

How to handle crawford and co and UPS

Simply do this-- Go to your state website and download a SMALL CLAIMS FORM-- Fill one out for UPS and one out for Crawford and Co. Scan them... Now go to youtube and download the and so forth. There are plenty of the video's there.

Now appeal the claim and upload these files under additional PICTURES.

Make the last file you send a NOTE PAD txt file with these words on it:\


They will reverse themselves IMMEDIATELY and pay it.

UPS claims

This is why I use FedEx. They are always about making sure that the customer is taken care of. UPS numbers are so dismal as it is, that they have to try an make up some numbers in other areas. There CEO even stated that they have been struggling in the printing since they invested in the printing industry sometime ago. Unlike FedEx, who recently purchased Kinko's, now FedEx Office, they have been all about the customer. Investing in this company gave them the advantage to have 2000 additional locations all over the country.

UPS denied my claim in one day

Sent a package double bubble wrapped with cardboard inside and they claim poor packaging and refuse to pay the claim for repair. Used to use FeeEX but after their driver dragged a package along, and made a complete hole in the package, and they would not pay, I went to UPS. I guess it is the Post Office from now on.

Its all about forcing you to

Its all about forcing you to have their stores package everything, why else would they have the "stores" Only if they pack it will you are able to get payed for damaged items. You can claim all you want to but unless they get to pack it -- forget it.


UPS should not insure anything unless they themselves pack it, except for complete loss of package and that should be free. I think they will be responsible enough to make the adjustments I'm sure UPS doesn't want adverse publicity as a result of several $100 dollars. Keep up the good work wway calling out these sorts of issues.


There is a safe way to ship your items

Your claims will not be denied if your packages are packed at The UPS Store. It's in the contract between the store owner and UPS.

ups claim

Well I let them pack my gift and send it from Mich to Washington and they apparently had it somewhere extreamly hot and all there popcorn packing stuck to my wood box ruining it and they are already sounding funny about covering the claim. So I will see they said they have to have proof of cost and come and see it even though they said it was covered for $100. I feel I am starting to get the runaround.