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TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Insurance offers peace of mind. But two UPS customers say they've had nothing but headaches ever since they filed insurance claims after their items were damaged during shipping. Instead of getting their money, they were denied. So they contacted our Troubleshooters for help.

Tim Dreggors says he is out $400-$600 after he shipped some optic drives to California. Ten of the 15 drives arrived damaged. Since he had insured his package when he dropped it off at the UPS Store in Porters Neck, he was not worried. But UPS denied his claim, because of the way the package was packed.

"Individually wrapped and bubble wrapped, and they were double boxed with bubble wrap and newspaper between the two boxes, and I thought that would be quite sufficient," Dreggors said. "Apparently UPS guidelines request more."

He resubmitted the claim, and UPS denied it again. But there was a mix-up. The denial letter he got this time was actually addressed to a Hampstead woman, who's insurance claim UPS also denied.

That's how he met Cindy Coyne, who is also fighting UPS to get reimbursed for the gift she sent to family in Florida. The box was banged up, and the gift was broken.

"So I am really out the cost of the item, which was $130-something, then the insurance and had no gift come Christmas," Coyne said.

Again, UPS denied an insurance claim saying the package wasn't packed properly. Coyne says she used corkboard, newspaper and bubble wrap.

"Why do you sell insurance that you're not honoring?" Coyne said.

We contacted the owner of the UPS Store, who told us these claims go through the corporate office. We called the UPS Store corporate office and got them to look into both claims again. They told us the shipping company, which is UPS, denied them again. So we made another call. This time, to the UPS corporate office.

A spokesperson told us boxes must be packed according to their exact guidelines, which are so detailed, they even tell you what type of cardboard to use and how thick the cushioning and tape need to be. These two packages did not fit those guidelines.

"People beware," Dreggors said. "Read the fine print, you know? Stipulations. I guess there's a catch to everything."

UPS also added that it's not insurance a customer buys. It's called declared value. If your item is worth more than one-hundred dollars, you can choose to declare a higher value for the item and pay an additional charge.

As for getting that money back, though, as Coyne and Dreggors learned, don't count on it, unless you follow the exact packaging guidelines you can find on the UPS website, or you can pay extra to have the UPS Store package the items for you, and if they're damaged, you are guaranteed your money back.

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I shipped a woodworking

I shipped a woodworking machine in the manufacturer's box, and insured it for full value of $1200.
They dropped it, and damaged it beyond repair.
The manufacturer quoted it as a write-off upon viewing photos.
The machine has a list price of $1200.
So. It was insured at its proper value, I.e., it was not excessively insured, or under- insured.
I put in a claim, along with the letter from the manufacturer saying it was not repairable.
Ups sent me a cheque 2 weeks later. It was for $800.
I called ups, and claimed they short-paid me by $400.
They said "that was all the machine was worth"
They then asked me what I paid for it.
I couldn't believe this. I told them the machine was $1200 new, and I paid insurance for that amount.
They wouldn't budge.
I then had to write 2 very strong letters, and contact a lawyer. They finally paid what they legitimately owed me.
Really crummy attitude, and borderline illegal .

ups store

Hello there, My name is Ryan and I just got done dealing with this store. They lost my package, completely off the face of the earth. The tracking number and manifest information they gave me was false so there's really no way of telling where my stuff went, or if it was ever mailed in the first place. After trying to work out the claim for my lost box with the insurance on it, they tell me I'll get $100 and another $20. That is not even close enough for my tailored military uniforms, as well as the tons of music and movies I was sending home for safe keeping during deployment. I would very much like to help you nail these guys to the wall because shady business ethics is something that really bothers me. It would have been nice if they tell you these things before you purchase the policy or pack your own box, that they are completely unliable for not doing the job that you are paying them to do.

ups store

Hello there, My name is Ryan and I just got done dealing with this store. They lost my package, completely off the face of the earth. The tracking number and manifest information they gave me was false so there's really no way of telling where my stuff went, or if it was ever mailed in the first place. After trying to work out the claim for my lost box with the insurance on it, they tell me I'll get $100 and another $20. That is not even close enough for my tailored military uniforms, as well as the tons of music and movies I was sending home for safe keeping during deployment. I would very much like to help you nail these guys to the wall because shady business ethics is something that really bothers me. It would have been nice if they tell you these things before you purchase the policy or pack your own box, that they are completely unliable for not doing the job that you are paying them to do.


I would like to join the UPS Insurance Claim Scam Class Action Lawsuit. I have been dealing with them for over a month for a damaged painting. I keep getting delays and run around...not from the individual shop, but the insurance people they are mediating for. I paid the extra insurance to insure the painting for $2500. Painting worth $2000, framing was $1350 and I paid $200 to ship it. So that is a very fair concession.

This is principle not issue and it isn't fair that they can push us lil people around. But a collective group of lil people can make a big splash.

UPS "Insurance" Fraud

I am interested in joining a class-action lawsuit against UPS and here's why:

On 8/18 I shipped a custom computer to my son at school. It was packaged in the original shipping container as received from the manufacturer by FedEx, several months prior. At the store, I asked the clerk if he thought it should be placed in another box, to which he replied "No, it should be fine." He then asked me if I wanted to insure it, which I did, for $3,000. The computer arrived completely destroyed. The box was gouged, crushed and punctured in multiple places. The computer housing was cracked and pancaked, despite being well insulated with special styrofoam and bubble wrap. The internal components were sheared from their mountings as if dropped or thrown great distances. Nothing has been salvageable. An inspector reviewed the damage and denied our claim due to "insufficient" packaging. I have disputed the claim, and it has also been denied. I asked UPS customer service why I would be sold insurance on a package that is not insurable. It wasn't sold to me as a "declared value" charge. I also am wondering how many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people each year are scammed by UPS over "insured" package claims. Please contact me, and let's do this!

Denied my claim to


I just got denied by UPS as well for the same reason. I sent a professional recording deck to a guy who bought it on e-bay and he told me that it was damaged in shipping so we put a claim in for it. I had bought insurance with the unit being valued at $600.00. The buyer told me that UPS came by and picked up the machine and also the box that I shipped it in along with the other packing material which was styrofoam and heavy duty cardboard. When the unit got back to me it was sitting on my front porch with no box and was simply wrapped up in plastic wrap! By the time it got back to me it was not only damaged more it was destroyed to the point it wouldn't be worth it to try to fix it. It wasn't even taken care of to get it back to me. There was massive damage to the system and there were even 4 screws missing in the unit. I will never use UPS ever again for anything. Yes it sounds like there could be a class action suit put on them with no trouble! I'm IN!

ups claim denied

I'm fighting through the UPS claims process right now.

I shipped a brand new OEM F-150 tailgate to a customer. It was shipped in a box designed specifically for a tailgate with padded bumpers on the bottom that kept the tailgate at least 3" off the bottom of the box. The unit was then wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap and had similar bumpers at the top corners to keep the unit suspended in the middle of the box without allowing it to touch any side. I also put 4 large red "fragile" labels on the box. I'm confident my packing materials and methods would far exceed UPS's supposed "standards" for packaging.

The tailgate was damaged on the bottom apparently from being slammed down very hard. I'd even dare say it was probably tossed airborne.

UPS has denied my claim as improperly packaged and I have submitted an appeal. I've come to believe it is the inspector's job to deny ALL claims regardless of the situation in order to protect company losses. Right now I'm out $491.05.

UPS should be sued

So, I shipped my TV with UPS, which I realize now was a big mistake. I bought insurance on it because I figured a couple of dollars of protection on a $900 TV was worth it. I talked to three different representatives about the contents of my package and at no point I was told that TVs are not covered for the insurance (yet, they sold me the insurance).

The shipment was supposed to take a week, but I saw no updates for 2 weeks, so I inquired about it. Three weeks later, they tell me they have lost the package. So I file a claim. That is when I am told that because the shipment contained a TV, they can't offer a reimbursement. They happily took the insurance premium knowing fully well that they would not honor it.

So here I am, without my $900 TV, and UPS is charging me $250 in shipping charges for a box they said they lost. If they can't reimburse me for the TV, that's fine - I can accept the fact that they "got" me with the fine print. But what angers me is that they are charging me shipping fees for a package that they agree is lost. At this point, I have gone back and forth with UPS for a month and all I'm getting is a one line canned response. Not sure what to do.

I sold a TV on Amazon it was

I sold a TV on Amazon it was only going a small distance (2 hour drive). They lost it, found it, and then delivered it damaged. Then they picked it up and sent it to their lost and found. Then they kept trying to deliver it to Amazon corporate headquarters and random distribution centers. I kept telling them to send it back to me or it would get lost... guess what happened? They were eventually able to deliver to a machine at Amazon that accepts all of Amazons packages at a location thousands of miles away. Amazon and UPS couldnt locate it after that. They kept denying my claim saying I had no rights to it even though it was my TV, shipping label, and my insurance. The value was $300 and I just settled my small claims lawsuit against them for $664. Lawsuits are the ONLY thing they understand.

I guess I will have to file

I guess I will have to file a lawsuit against them. Great to hear that you got the bastards to pay. There should be a consumer consortium to aggregate all consumer complaints.

UPS Denied my Claim! What?

UPS Denied my Claim! What? they said it was Insured up to 100.00. the value was 115.00. 3 pieces of china broke out of 20 pieces. GIVE ME A BREAK SCAMMERS!! CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT? you can contact me Anytime you do this.

UPS Lawsuit

Let me know if you have interest in filing a suit against UPS. I had a similar problem when my wife shipped a framed, electric guitar signed by Eric Clapton to our son. She went to great lengths to pack it. The package was badly damaged upon arrival. The claim was denied for inadequate packaging. This looks like a scam to me. I think UPS may be selling insurance illegally. I am an attorney and will check this out carefully. A class action lawsuit on behalf of all consumers who have been damaged by UPS may be the only way justice can be served. UPS knows that nobody can afford to file a suit for $100 or even $1000 in damages. Unless somebody is damaged for at least tens of thousands of dollars, nobody can justify bringing a suit. UPS probably deals with hundreds of thousands or millions of people. The total amount of claims they have denied for faulty packaging is likely astronomical.

UPS denied insurance claim

The UPS store sold my uncle, what they claim was, the necessary box and material to pack my uncle’s parcel. Then sold him insurance, to cover if it was damaged. After telling him what he needed and charging him to insure it, they denied his claim because they said it was packaged wrong. Let me get this right, you charged him for the box, bubble wrap and tape that you told him he needed, cost of about $25. Then $120.00 for the shipping, plus $36 dollar for what you told him is the additional value insurance for a total of around $181.00. Then you have the same driver that delivered the damaged parcel pick it up take it to your office then you call to tell him his claim was denied and he need to come and pick up his parcel or you will discard it. Mind you the customer is my uncle who is 75 years of age on a fix income. I’m outraged with the hold service at least he should get back his money he paid if not the promised amount of the insurance he was sold. I would welcome the opportunity to be part of any class action lawsuit against UPS to right this very wrong by a very wealthy company.

UPS International Stolen stuff from box by the Coustoms

I myself shipped a box from California UPS Store to Xalapa Veracruz Mexico Via Airfright and the attendant shipped groundfright when it got to the Mexican broker they open my box to inspect what was in the box and they stold half of my stuff, now UPS don't want to pay for my stuff, they claim that they are only going to pay 100 USD when its not 100 USD its 3,375 USD for my lost.

I'm in

I'm in, what do you need from me?


Basically, UPS requires 2 inches of cushion. This includes peanuts, foam and bubble wrap. It doesn't include newspaper or other materials that aren't made for packing. Some tips,don't duct tape your box. It doesn't hold. Don't reuse loses structural integrity. Don't use clothing or paper as cushion, bubble wrap your items until you can't feel the item through the wrap. I mean, really, lets look at car insurance. Just because you pay for it, doesn't mean your claim is accepted. There is a process. You can't wrap a vase up in newspaper and stuff clothing around it and expect it to not break. The packages go on conveyor belts, are loaded in and out of trucks that are carrying other packages as well. You can't put a 100lb item in a box only meant to hold 65lbs and expect that the box will hold. And just from shipping experience, the UPS store has a pack and ship deal where if they pack AND ship it, any damages will be paid as long as you can provide the worth of the item. And after reading some comments, how can the ups store know that your package isn't going to make it if you packed it? They aren't psychic and they don't have the right to open your box and look. Get real, people. Stuff happens. I'm sure some of your issues are legitimate but if you can't use common sense when packing a box, whose fault is that? Its not really that least 2 inches of cushion and I don't know, use materials that are specifically made for packing.


Jc ... Obviously you work or own for UPS. You seriously need to understand the following ....

UPS lost my package and gave me no explanation as to what happened even though it was shipped from a UPS store.

The following is true about UPS ...

UPS will not honor claims against insurance issued by UPS stores even though they will sell them with their postage.

If your package is lost, stolen or damaged UPS will not reimburse you anything, regardless of whether it was your fault or theirs.

Get that straight Jc

UPS disaster stories continue

So I shipped via UPS a beautiful, mint pedal steel guitar. The case for the guitar on its own is very heavy duty, of the type you see bands pack their gear in. I packed the guitar so that it was both cushioned and immobilized. I double wrapped it in bubble wrap and double heavy box board. When my friend received the guitar, it had clearly been dropped or thrown from a great height. No packaging could every have saved this guitar from the abuse it took during UPS transport. When the guitar was received, the heavy 5/8" maple body was cracked in 2 places and the guitar was essentially destroyed. I am now going through the claims process. The guitar has a value of $3500, but I valued it for a declared value of $2500. I expect to be denied as everyone generally is. But if they do, UPS will be doing battle with me. I will be taking them to small claims court here in Vermont from where it was shipped and also be contacting the VT Attorney General's Consumer Protection division for their assistance. I have yet to read any good new on UPS paying off damage claims without a protracted battle and much time lost. It is high time for a multi-state class action suit to be filed. We all need to coalesce and petition our respective states' AG's to perform this necessary civic duty.

Whatever became of this?

John, how did you make out? I am getting ready to take them to small claims soon if I don't get relief. I am getting denied by the UPS Store owner, even though UPS said they would pay, believe it or not. But the store owner (not affiliated with UPS) doesn't want to pay even though UPS would reimburse her. Gotta love it.

Wrongfully denied UPS Claim, FRAUD, Negligence

Not true. If UPS packages your item and you have 'declared insurance' on it above the hundred dollars allowed by the Carmack Amendment, UPS still will not pay if they decide it was not packed properly. I have it in writing from Crawford.

UPS uses pushers of great force on the conveyor belts against packages with of variable weight, dimension and size, but the pusher uses the same force causing breakage and packages to fall off of conveyor belts some into deliberate drops. That is why they flippantly state in Crawford writings that they do not honor breakables, fragile or glass markings on packages.(see youtube UPS it's 3 parts)

UPS fraudulently sells "insurance". The clerk never asks you "Do you want declared value?", they ask you "Do you want insurance"? I recorded it on my cell phone 5 times, on 5 separate occasions.

UPS SUCKS and I am following through with my Attorney General's Office in NY. I recommend others to do the same.

UPS - UPS Sucks

UPS is fraudulent, undependable, dishonest, arrogant, thieves and down right liars. If you value your possessions: DO NOT SHIP UPS.
I bought an expensive piece of lab equipment, a Sartorius Analytical Scale. The new replacement version for this model is $5,000.00. We only insured this for $700.00 because this model was an older model valued at $2,000.00. It was packed with bubble wrap, brown paper, and double boxed. The outside was CLEARLY marked: Fragile, Handle with Care. It arrived broken with a big dent in the side of the box. I contacted UPS at 1-800-742-5877, and spoke with Richard. He informed me that someone would contact me within the next 24 hours and come out and inspect the package. No one called and no one arrived.
In one week, I called back at 1-800-742-5877, and was told the same thing. After another week, no one called and no one came by.
The third time I called in, 1-800-651-2352, I asked to speak to a supervisor, her name was Tracy and she worked in Damage Group. Tracy advised me that if I sent in some pictures, they could get things started. I sent in the requested pictures, and waited for a week, with no reply.
I called in again, and they told me I would have to talk to the UPS store in California, because they couldn’t talk to me about the broken package. I then called the person that mailed the package and he told me that I needed to call the insurance claims department and speak with Vera Price at 1 877-225-7625 extension 6141. I called her several times with no answer and finally left 2 messages. She didn’t return either of my calls.
After not getting a return call, I called the UPS store once again, 1-949-248-9150, and spoke with Camille. She told me that the claim had been denied. I told her, I dispute that decision. She said she would re-file it. I have to say, that Camille, from the UPS store, really tried to help me. I waited another week. I called Camille back and she said she hadn’t heard from UPS yet. She said she would call them as soon as I hung up. She called me back within 10 minutes and said the claim had been denied a second time and they will not send anyone out to look at the package because I had sent the pictures in.
I owned an automotive shop for over 25 years. I have spent thousands of dollars shipping through UPS and I can safely say that I will never ship UPS again. I will do my best to warn others about their lack of integrity and blatant thievery. I am going to send this message by regular email to all my friends and ask them to send it to 10 of their friends. Paid advertisement from the insurance money I was not able to recover.

OMG.... Me Too!

OMG......I am being given the same run around as you. I took an antique rocker to a UPS store and had them package it since they were "certified packers" and was assured it would be well packaged. Can you guess how it arrived? Let just say that when I pulled the rocker out of the box, it was no longer a rocker plus one corner was almost completely apart. This was a heavy rocker too so they had to have really thrown that rocker from a high distance and hard, to completely break off the bottoms. The "Box" was two thin wardrobe boxes that had been taped together. The arms were bubble wrapped as was the bottom of the rocker. Some popcorn was thrown in for good measure but it barely covered the seat so that there was plenty of open space for the chair to bounce around. I am really surprised the back actually stayed in tack considering there was no bubble wrapped around the entire top portion of the rocker. I told the claims department that a pair of monkeys could have done a better job then this UPS store. The same number, 800-651-2352 and I am told "someone will call you back within the next 24 hours OR by the end of the day" (which neither happens). I have been calling them since September 25th and I have not received ONE phone call to set up an "Inspection." I even asked the last person I spoke with in the claims department to give me the number for the "Inspection Office" so I could contact them myself which she told me, that there was no one there right now (how would she know?). I asked her where were they located, she said she did not know(if she did not know where they were located then how did she know they were not there?). Then I asked if she had a number for them and she said no.
The store that packaged and shipped my rocker is located in Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado on University Blvd. Do NOT let them package your items as they cannot even package according to their own UPS standards!


Did you ever get any satisfaction? I am in the same boat and I'm very frustrated and mad at UPS.


I am just starting again with UPS. I sent a 15# package out. When it arrived, it had been damaged and the shipping label re-taped to it. The box now weighs 28# and 4 of the 6 items are missing and had been replaced with 4 truck shock asorbers! Four times I have been promised a return call from claims and that has yet to happen. The claim has been denied saying I did not use a 200# rated box, and did not have 2" of approved packing. Both statements are incorrect as the box is plainly marked as such and I used 2" of approved packing material. I did not get any extra stated value coverage and though my loss is over $700 I feel UPS should pay the $100 standard coverage.
Stuff gets lost and boxes get damaged. It happens.

Here is what burns me the most. I think UPS has a corporate policy of making is as hard as possiable to make a $100 claim. Example: That awful automated phone answering system. Example: Promise after promise of returned phone calls. I really believe that this is a policy to frustrate people so much that they give up. The profit margin is higher on not paying claims than the actual shipping.

I used a UPS store in

I used a UPS store in Denton,TX and because they had to pay my claim(for a damaged item they packed and shipped) they didn't appreciate the increase it had on their insurance and denied me from ever using their location again.


Let me guess, the one on University Dr?

UPS Damaged TREK Bike, Put Heavy Boxes on Top

Just got an email today from a buyer who sent pictures that UPS had damaged an expensive Trek bicycle that was shipped in the original box from the manufacturer. The fork and sprocket was damaged, as well as scapes all along the bike's frame. When I took the box to the UPS store, I specifically had a conversation with the rep. regarding the value of the bike and how it was light weight and should be handled with car. The bike was shipped in the original box and wrapped in plasic, frame and wheels. I showed the pictures to a different rep. at the same center and he said based on the damage to the box, it appears something in excess of 100 pounds was placed on top of the box. This weight obviously pressed the box to the flow and damaged the frame and sprocket. I will never use UPS again to ship anything! What makes this so irritating is the bike was shipped to me originally using UPS and it arrived with no damage! My claims process has just begun, but if it is denied I will not just give up on this! Lawsuit if I need to, letters to television stations and newspapers, internet postings, etc. I will get the word out about how UPS treats merchandise it handles!

I wish I would have seen

I wish I would have seen this 2 weeks ago. I shipped my specialized fate comp carbon mountain bike to california from Canada and it arrived damaged. The buyer refused to accept it and its being sent back to me, I have no idea when it will arrive and what state it is in. I will be out about $2000.00. The bike was in a bike box from a bike shop, packed accordingly, and they are saying "insufficient packaging". The shitty thing is, I can't really file a claim or anything until the bike arrives back which would take weeks!
I will NEVER ship ups again, what a fraudulent company

Can't accommodate "fragile" or "this end up"

In the midst of filing a claim for destruction of irreplaceable paintings through the UPS Store. Have just spoken to the phone rep and was told that the store didn't label the boxes as "Fragile" or "This End Up" as UPS' sorting process can't accommodate that. So, it looks like they laid our boxes down flat, then put something heavy on top of them. I have shattered glass, broken frames, and torn paintings. If you walk into a UPS store and they tell you, "Yes, we can ship that for you and it will be safe." it's freakin' LIE. Seriously, ship your stuff through a moving service/truck and pack them yourself - you'll be better off. Don't let these clowns near your stuff.