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Gov. Cooper’s new Executive Order changes social distancing rules for stores

Governor Roy Cooper announced during a news conference on Thursday that he is signing a new executive order that makes changes to guidelines for shopping at grocery and retail stores. 

Wiped out of toilet paper? Here’s why

Finding toilet paper in a global pandemic is a struggle. That's because it's part of a very tight supply chain.

North Carolina tech company to create close to 1,200 new jobs

A North Carolina company that sells software to technology firms for voice and message applications plans to create nearly 1,200 jobs in the state over the next eight years.

Stocks rise sharply on hopes of progress in battling virus

Stocks are jumping after some of the world's hardest-hit areas offered sparks of hope that the worst of the coronavirus outbreak may be on the horizon.

Iconic Wrightsville Beach hotel to continue Easter tradition

This year, Blockade Runner Beach Resort will continue the Easter Grande Buffet tradition, although by pickup only.

SURVEY: Coronavirus will affect nearly 70% of those spending money for Easter

Around 68 percent of Americans who observe Easter say their Easter spending will be affected by the coronavirus this year, according to WalletHub’s new Coronavirus Easter Survey, released Monday.

GE Hitachi consolidating vendors, 261 employees transitioning

GE Hitachi is changing vendors they use to support maintenance work at power plants across the country.

NCDES to add more staff, equipment to handle rise in unemployment claims

State officials are taking steps to handle an unprecidented surge in the number of unemployed North Carolinians.

US sheds 701,000 jobs, ending a record-long hiring streak

A record-long streak of U.S. job growth ended suddenly in March after nearly a decade as employers cut 701,000 jobs because of the viral outbreak that’s all but shut down the U.S. economy.

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