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NHRMC invests more than $20M to boost pay for some employees

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is investing millions of dollars to support its employees.

2.3 million pounds of Taco Bell seasoned beef recalled

About 2 million pounds of seasoned beef used in Taco Bell burritos and tacos have been removed from restaurant locations across the country.

Panera Bread worker says mac-and-cheese video got her fired

A former Panera Bread employee apparently paid a stiff price for appearing in a video showing the chain's popular macaroni and cheese is pre-packaged and frozen. 

Cape Fear economy: Concerns includes pay growth and employment

Business leaders and experts gathered at UNCW Thursday morning to discuss the economic forecast and what's next.

Smoldering laptop causes NC school evacuation, recall

Officials say an overheated and smoldering Chromebook caused about 600 children to be evacuated from a North Carolina school, whose district is now recalling about $4.2 million dollars' worth of district-issued laptops.

USDA expands recall for chicken products due to possible listeria contamination

The United States Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday that they are expanding a chicken recall originally issued about two weeks ago regarding products that could be contaminated with listeria.

Demolition begins at Independence Mall

Demolition is finally underway at Wilmington's Independence Mall.

Here are the stores staying closed on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than a month away, but several retail giants have already announced closures for Thanksgiving Day.

Survey: Travelers want more food options and charging outlets at ILM

The Wilmington International Airport recently developed and shared a passenger survey, with a goal of receiving customer feedback regarding ILM's future terminal and amenities.

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