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FIRST ON 3: More than 30 watch girl fight in Whiteville

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: More than 30 watch girl fight in Whiteville

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- High school can be hard, especially when you add Facebook into the equation. Two Columbus County teenaged girls decide to take their battle of words online to a battle of fists in the street.

In a report that WWAY obtained from Whiteville Police, we've learned that last Wednesday police officers responded to a fight in the Whiteville Plaza parking lot. The responding officer writes in his report when he arrived here in the parking lot 30-40 people were gathered and, when they saw him they ran to their vehicles.

The officer writes he was able to stop one of the cars belonging to Aneshia Cartret. She told the officer her teenaged daughter was in a fight with Crystal Fipps's daughter over something posted on Facebook.

The officer reports that Cartret's daughter was bleeding from her head and arm and had blood on her sweatshirt, but when he asked her mother if she needed medical attention, Cartret said no.

WWAY gained access to Cartret's daughter Shelby's Facebook page and saw several comments about the fight.

One friend writes, "Just watched the fight, you went ham. Talk about hard in the paint."

Another reads, "I just want to know where the video is."

And just minutes before police say the fight began, Shelby posted a comment saying, "She just doesn't know what she's getting herself into."

The report says that Shelby's mother was at the fight, which may be problematic for her career as a student accountability officer at South Columbus High School. Columbus County Schools Superintendent Dan Strickland says Cartret has been on leave due to personnel issues since Friday.

WWAY found this is not the first time Aneshia Cartret has been in trouble. We found seven charges against her ranging from communicating threats to simple assault and stalking.

We've tried to contact Aneshia and Shelby Cartret. So far, though, we've had no luck reaching them.

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For the person that stated

For the person that stated (maybe if Whiteville Police started controlling all the tennagers that hang out in parking lots this wouldn't happen), this just go to show you don't know what you are talking about.
First, the parents should control their children and as we have seen there was a mother there that failed in that area. It is my understanding that the police responded quickly as you can hear from the on lookers saying the police are coming!
Second, the owners of the property would have to sign an "Agent Letter" which allows the police to enforce their parking lots and run people away after hours. So again before you go blaming the Police for everything that is wrong with society, look at the parents and their off springs and there you will find the problem!
Oh, also by the way I checked an Wal-Mart has refused to sign such an Agent Letter with the Whiteville Police Dept!!!

now the only way someone

now the only way someone would get that worded up about one comment is if it was talking about them so with that im guessing you must be one of those people that hang out in parking lots since you went as far as checking to see if walmart allowed it. sad


Keep it classy over there, Whiteville!

Girls Fighting in Whiteville

Sorry, but only those ignorant, red neck chics from crazy Tabor City would do that! Go Stallions!! I've been trying to get a job in the Columbus County School system for years. Guess i need a criminal record, huh? Oh, and by the way, which one of those ignorant South Columbus student painted Go Stallions on Whiteville High School sign? I praise them for finally spelling their mascot correctly!

No; keep it classy "south

No; keep it classy "south columbus"

Isn't this what fights are for?

When you get a couple of simple-minded, redneck girlies together with a Facebook feud, isn't that supposed to be entertainment? I'm surprised they didn't have a larger audience with even more close relatives attending.

"Nutt'n much better'n a hare-pullin', face-scratchin', gravel dragg'n catfight!!!"

Whiteville girls gone wild

So sad and sorry that "Whiteville" is thinning out the FB babies and Look's like Mommie's are fine with it !

southcolumbus girls tabor

southcolumbus girls tabor city nikina molly not whiteville.south columbus high students.

What was this mom thinking?

The officer reports that Cartret's daughter was bleeding from her head and arm and had blood on her sweatshirt, but when he asked her mother if she needed medical attention, Cartret said no

Really, an "exclusive"?

Really, an "exclusive"? This happened 5 days ago. Who tipped you off? Inquiring minds want to know, especially since you started a news cast off with it? WWAY, you should really look a little deeper than a video and one FB page. In no way should anyone condone such behavior by teenagers or a mother, however if you look a little deeper into it you would find the girl whose FB page you plastered on the news today was the target of verbal abuse by many at the high school she attended, including the girl she was fighting. If you are gonna "gain access" to one girl's page, maybe that "indepth" reporting could get you access to the other's page. I'm sure you would find it interesting as well. Maybe not as interesting after this is posted and all the remarks are deleted. At least her parents didn't post "good job" and "did you see that big a**" on her page as they did the other's page. Bad parenting on the mother's behalf that was present at the fight-for sure! And yes, her history is not pretty at all based on what you reported. But, I must say, it's only the difference in getting caught doing wrong on that parents behalf and getting away with it on the others behalf. I am sure the other child's parents had no idea where she was at or what she was believe that, right? Ever heard the saying, "sweep around your own back door before you start sweeping around mine"? It applies ten fold. The entire ordeal saddens me. As from my understanding, these two CHILDREN, were once friends...but I guess WWAY didn't gain access that far back on the FB page uh? I am amazed that WWAY thought this was news worthy....actually the report sounded more like a gossip column report. INVESTIGATE FULLY before you report, because all you have done is add a little bit more fuel to a fire that should have never been lit. And for all the parents involved-be shamed, our children do learn by example.

Shelbys mother was at the

Shelbys mother was at the fight and was one of the main ones egging on her daughter and you can hear her in the background yelling toward the end. And I strongly agree that her mother should lose her job because no school needs a adult working with children who encourages fighting.

Next time, they need to

Next time, they need to square off in a more private place where the cops can't bust them.


The mom should be fired. If she was there quickly enough to give her beat up daughter a ride home from the fight, she's probably the one that drove her there to fight.

her mom was the one in the

her mom was the one in the black pants with a white stripe and drove her and a sibling to the fight.

The mother did drive her to

The mother did drive her to the fight, she actually left work early to take her. She also told her daughter that is was time for this drama to stop and she needed to put an end to it and beat her tail.

Um....what should they have done?

It's illegal to join in.

Columbus County Corrup Judiciary

The Judicial System in Columbus County has become so entrenched in filth and corruption that Jesus Christ could not get a fair trial if He was to go there. Many Magistrates decide to allow warrants based on who the accused knows or whom he / she has wronged. They sit on their backsides drawing a check, sleeping and watching TV-all at the taxpayer's expense. Even if a valid warrant is ever to be issued, when either a victim or a defendant goes in front of a District Court judge; more about who you or whom they know will come into play. Don't forget about whom the defendant's lawyer knows....this also has a lot of bearing on a given case. For example, the attorney, like the judge presiding over the case is a member of the local bar. If the attorney going in front of a given judge has had an involvement say by way of a campaign contribution; you better look out. Now in the days of Rex Gore, District Attorney, you had to also look at that factor of corruption. The DA can simply walk into a courtroom, like an actor, and pretend to be representng a victim or the State. Remember in the past the DA was usually and more times than not a member of one certain locally corrupt political party. The link to him has in the past and more times than not been the Trial Court Coordinator. The TCC was placed in his comfortable taxpayer-funded seat by non other than you guessed it-RC Soles. What about the very high judge? Well a more respected African American female judge was pushed out of the district and a newer district formed so a much lower-timed banker's son could take over a spot that the Gores have controled for decades. Who worked behind the scenes to get such a law as dividing a judicial district and moving a more qualified judge? You guessed it; none other than RC Soles.
Money does not always have to change hands for corruption to occur although indirectly and on many occassions it is the contributory sole factor. All that has to happen is for a judge or other elected official to simply look the other way. Look at the child molestor that has been kept out of court for several years. A child has been violated yet a powerful family and a previously crooked DA has clearly conspired to keep justice from happening. Look at this case that has been all in the media. First look at the African American young lady that just lost her life in Bladen County. This sad story received almost no coverage. Why? Could white privilege have had anything to do with that? You tell me. Anyway a mad woman was allowed to remain free from her well-deserved punishment and free to harm kids. Who was responsible for this? Look at the Magistrates that helped her and take a good whiff from the Judges that failed to hand down justice; not once, not twice, not thrice but 7 times. Well actually she was however convicted only 4 times of domestic violence-related charges. And the Columbus County judges did what? Absolutely nothing.
Ultimately and once again welcome to Columbus County and the way that they do things.