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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Family of four killed in crash with Brunswick Co. school bus

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Family of four killed in crash with Brunswick Co. school bus

ASH, NC (WWAY) -- Highway Patrol says four people were killed in a head-on crash Tuesday afternoon in northern Brunswick County. All four were in the car that hit a school bus.

The driver was 31-year-old Joshua Williams. Brandy Nichole Williams, who was 30, was also in the car along with their two children, 6-year-old Gavin Lee Williams and 9-year-old Joshua Kendall Williams.

The victims lived in the area on Green Swamp Road (Highway 211).

It happened on Camp Branch Road off NC 211. Highway Patrol says speeding was likely a factor and that the driver of the car was at fault. Investigators say the crash happened in a 55 mph zone in a curve.

Brunswick County emergency management says the driver of the bus, which was carrying students from Waccamaw School in Ash, was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Highway Patrol says one student on the bus was also treated for injuries.

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The father was speeding.

The father was speeding. This in itself is reckless. Furthermore, if the family were not wearing seatbelts, this would also have contributed to their deaths.

This is a horrible tragedy, and I send my condolences to friends and relatives.

But it is important to know if the family were wearing seatbelts, because, as we all know, or should know, seatbelts save lives.

You should THINK before you speak

YES the boys were wearing their seatbelts and actually Josh was driving 60 in a 55 on a road he drove daily. Those boys were their world. Not many people can honestly say they have never gone a couple miles over the speed limit. This is enough to deal with without people being ignorant and trying to put the blame on someone. Seatbelts dont always save lives as we can see in this instance we are just thankful they didnt have to suffer!!!!!!

Shame on everyone who had

Shame on everyone who had the nerve to say something about seat belts! This family is greiving the loss of four, very loved people! How would you feel if this had been your family and you pulled up the report and saw comments such as these! Seat belts take lives as well as save lives. Nothing in the world is fool proof. God bless the family and friends, I am from Ash and am in disbelief that people would say such things.


Even if they had a seat belt on, it wouldn't have made a difference obviously. Have you looked at the picture?? You should respect them and not worry about wearing a seat belt.

how do you know that the

how do you know that the father was speeding if you wern't there?

I would guess by this statement

From the story: "Highway Patrol says speeding was likely a factor and that the driver of the car was at fault."

The cop's said it was a

The cop's said it was a likely factor on why it even happened. Don't argue over something as stupid as seatbelts or speeding and just keep the relatives of the family in your prayers. Just imagine what the family would feel like if they came on here and seee you people worrying about stupid messs instead of feeling sorrow and praying for them.

I find it funny how you are

I find it funny how you are so obsessed with knowing if these people had seatbelts, It doesnt matter one way or another they are no longer with us, why dont you just leave it be. Second note seatbelts dont always save lives so weather or not they had them is of no importance. Why dont you find something better to do, my thoughts and prayers are with thier families.

you need help

You obviously are eaten up with the desire to further hurt this family. You need a job, a hobby or more importantly, therapy to rid yourself of your antagonistic attitude. Please stop your self righteous soap box rants and give the family some respect. This is not about seat belts. . it's about a family who all lost their lives in a split second. Please stop responding on this site. It's for condolences and words of encouragement for the family. If you feel the need to run your mouth contact the man who does the Rant. He's got your mentality and you two should have an interesting conversation.

It is important for me to

It is important for me to know and the public to know because the father was speeding. How far over the speed limit was he driving?

Instead of the school bus, it could have been me since I travel this road regularly.

All of you who are so sure that seatbelts would not have saved at least some of their lives are merely guessing. I'll wait for an expert's opinion.

Again, I express my sincere sympathy to the families and friends of the Williams' family for this horrific tragedy.

But we must examine the truth of the matter. I suspect it is not merely a coincidence that the father's middle name is "Speed."

Are u serious???

My name is Kirby Williams. I am Josh sister, Brandy's sister-in-law, and the boys' aunt. First off, my brother's middle name is Steed, not Speed. Who do you think you are to judge him? Last time I checked, ultimately we only have one judge and his name is God!!! You need to get the facts before you start talking about things you obviously know nothing about. Only the blessed souls in the vehicle and God know what REALLY on behalf of the Williams and Rising families, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to please keep the negative comments to yourself. Nothing can be said or done to bring them back but we sure don't want to disgrace their memory. You obviously have no respect. I do, however, want to thank everyone else for helping me stand up for them. That should be the last thing that I have to do right now but unfortunately some people have no ettiquite.

It's not important for you to know anything...

I suspect it is not merely a coincidence that your middle name is ignorant.

My sons name was STEED.

My sons name was STEED.

He was my son and the father

He was my son and the father of my grandchildren. Your comments are very hurtfull to us. Please show some respect because I have driven that road and speed limit, seat belts, whatever, that road is an accident waiting to happen. Please get off your sooap box.

You have yet to explain...

You have yet to explain why you need to know if they were wearing seatbelts. How in any way will this assist you? Really it is none of your buisness. None. How do you know not wearing seatbelts in this case would contribute to their deaths? Did you investigate the accident? I didn't think so. Just another moron with nothing to do for the week.

Stop being so worried about

Stop being so worried about what the media SHOULD report and get a entire family was killed, as well as, others injured. Maybe you should be praying for the family and friends of these victims instead of trying to find something the victims DID WRONG...

I myself will be praying for the friends and family members of these victims. I could only imagine how they feel right about now.

Seat belts

I have to disagree with the person who thinks the media should have reported if the victims were wearing set belts. Honestly, that is just being plain noisey. We all know we should wear seat belts. Why add insult to the family. Just express your condolences and sympathy to the family, and pray to God to watch over them.

Respect this family

Whether these people were wearing a seat belt is a mute point at this time. Now we should say a prayer for them and keep them in your thoughts. . . Not find more fault with them or beat the family down. I don't know any of these people but my sincere sympathy goes out to their family, the bus driver and the student. This is a tragic accident that will affect a lot of folks. So very sad.

Since it could have been

Since it could have been anyone on the road that this car hit instead of a bus, I feel that it is definitely the business of everyone who shared the highway with this person whether or not any or all were wearing their seatbelts. Were any of the kids supposed to be in a car seat? If so, were they? The "other" tv station has found that the driver had a DWI conviction (posted on their website). Was alcohol a factor,as well? We have a right to know.

the right~?~?~?

you have the right to know NOTHING, your right is to know that my Family members are gone, and they wont be on "YOUR" road anymore~

Soo Sorry

I'm soo sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you, what a horrible thing to endure, may God help you through this painful time in your life, again, soo sorry.