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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offering two upcoming boating safety classes

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary plans to hold two, one-day boating safety classes that will satisfy state requirements.

U.S. Coast Guard urging watercraft operators to take boating safety class

From boats to other types of watercraft, lots of people will be hitting area waterways this summer and that's why the U.S. Coast Guard is offering boating safety classes to ensure they know what to do to protect themselves and others when out on the water.

Brunswick County deputies hand out ‘tickets’ to kids wearing life jackets

No one wants to get a ticket when they're driving or boating... except perhaps for kids in Brunswick County.

Coast Guard app offers helpful safety info for boaters

Memorial Day weekend is what the US Coast Guard calls the "kick off to boat season," and they want to make sure you know how to stay safe on the water.
Forming wakesvideo

“No Wake” zone a possibility for Southport in the future

The wakes from boats cruising along the Intracoastal Waterway in Southport are a major issue, many boaters say.

Prospective boaters learn all about safety in Wrightsville Beach

Class was in session on Saturday in Wrightsville Beach, but not for math or science. Boating safety was the topic of conversation.

Coast Guard suspends 10 buoys in Lockwoods Folly due to shoaling

The Coast Guard is closing ten buoys in Lockwoods Folly Inlet near Oak Island and Holden Beach, due to extensive shoaling and safety concerns.

Boating officials: Wear your life jacket

If North Carolina's boating safety coordinator could drill one rule into the minds of people on the water, it would be: Wear your life jacket.

New mobile app hopes to keep more boaters safe

May 16-22 is National Boating Safety Week and U.S. Coast Guard released a new app hoping to keep more folks safe in the water.

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