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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: State Trooper claims Chadbourn Town Manager showed him badge and said, "I'm the Chief"

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: State Trooper claims Chadbourn Town Manager showed him badge and said, "I'm the Chief"

CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) -- He was caught speeding and given a ticket, but this traffic stop soon led to a much more serious charge. So why is Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox facing a charge of impersonating an officer?

Chadbourn Town Attorney Butch Pope says Cox's charge all started when a state trooper pulled Cox over for speeding last week.

"(Cox) and the mayor and two members of the local ABC board had to go to Raleigh on town business, and the town car is not that reliable. So they drove an unmarked Ford Explorer that the police of chief normally drives," Pope said.

Pope says a trooper pulled Cox over for speeding on the drive back and asked Cox for his license and registration.

"Of course Stevie Cox is not in his own car. He doesn't have his registration. He hands the paper work he finds in that Explorer, and the police chief had a badge in there, so he hands all that to the trooper showing that it was a town vehicle; not a personal vehicle," Pope said.

But a search warrant says that Cox told the officer he was "the police chief of Chadbourn, NC."

Pope says the trooper wrote up Cox for speeding and expired license before letting them move on.

According to the Highway Patrol's Columbus County office troopers were told Tuesday to arrest cox for impersonating an officer.

Pope joined Cox as he turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.

"We got the paperwork. He didn't have to post any bond. He was charged with misdemeanor impersonation of a law enforcement officer and charged with misdemeanor resisting and delaying, which I don't understand," Pope said.

Cox pleaded not guilty on those charges. He is scheduled back in court April 12.

We reached out to Cox for comment, but have not heard back. Pope says Cox is embarrassed by this whole ordeal.

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Town manager

If he is a manager and cant manage to get a current drivers license, then he is not a good manager. Sure everyone makes mistakes, I just hope he didn't make too many this time. I think he will get off the hook because the trooper didn't charge him at the time of the infraction of impersonating an officer. Either way, what he did cannot be good publicity for the town of Chadbourn.

Actually, there is. Statutes

Actually, there is. Statutes 20‑137.2, 14-277, and 20‑130.1(c); if you need reference points. (If the chief "normally uses" that vehicle, I would imagine that it has some sort of emergency lights installed or equipped somehow.)

Granted, we don't know the other half of the story and it'd be nice to see the other half before we pass judgement. Now, I'm sure that Chadbourn has some sort of reimbursement policy in regards to gas on a personally owned vehicle used for official business. Even small businesses have gasoline/mileage reimbursement policies. Why wasn't that option thought of before doing something like that?


so; was the police chief's Explorer a marked vehicle and if so, how does one get pulled over for speeding in a marked police vehicle? Also: as a title shouldn't "Police Chief" be capitalized?

Reading comprehension

Why do so many people comment on an article when they've clearly not understood what was written? It says in the article that it was an "unmarked" car. No wonder kids test scores are so low. Their parents can't even read and comprehend what was written. God help us!

"Pope says even though Cox

"Pope says even though Cox told the trooper he was not a cop, the State Patrol still felt like they needed to charge him with impersonating an officer."

I am curious to know more about why they charged him with impersonating an officer. Shouldn't there be a arrest report on why he was charged and for what reasons? You guys should be good at digging that up.

Something does not add up

Something does not add up here. So far as I know, there is no law forbidding someone who is not an officer from driving a marked vehicle. Mechanics do it all the time. I have done it as well. As long as you don't use the blue lights/siren or tell someone you are a law enforcement officer, what has been done wrong?

Read The Report Again Please

Sorry and I am not trying to be rude but with your own logic, you say as long as no one uses the blue lights/siren or telling the cop that you are a police officer... Mr. Cox DID say that he was a police officer while driving the unmarked vehicle. My question is what is going to happen to the chief of police??? Shouldn't he be liable for making sure anyone who drives his patrol vehicle has an active driver's license??? I mean really!! Is it that hard to ask him to do his own job or is he too busy kissing the manager's butt to get involved??? Also, I agree with everyone else. Why is the man who just lost the race for DA in the county and swore up and down that he was tired of inside politics protecting someone who broke the law and has no particular interest in the manager's personal matters?? Shouldn't the attorney be protecting the TOWN's interest and making sure that the appropriate council members have the best knowledge so they can handle the incident internally instead of placing himself in a position to where he is now a conflict of interest??!! WOW, that town's mayor, council members, town manager, chief, and attorney sound like they are experienced at covering their own tracks. Or do the town’s council members not have any power over the real problems at hand? The Chief is the person that I would investigate in this matter...let me guess, he ran out of time to report his patrol car as stolen now right?

Read it again

The news report says it was an "unmarked" vehicle.