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ONLY ON 3: Why Tabor City Police always respond to Sen. Soles's house


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Former State Sen. R.C. Soles lives near Tabor City, but not "in" Tabor City. His sprawling estate is outside of the official city limits.

Yet whenever something happens at the house, Tabor City Police always respond, even though it's technically out of their jurisdiction.

Why? Well, the answer to that question lies in the past. We learned today that former District Attorney Rex Gore set it up that way. When Soles has problems, he usually calls Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless directly on his cell phone. Soles rarely, if ever, dials 911.

But all that may be changing. We've also learned that District Attorney Jon David now wants the Columbus County Sheriff's Department more involved when problems pop up at Soles's house.

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GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me tell you, ive seen and heard all the bs about RC SOLES and FROG until im fed up with it. Im a lady and I will tell you to this day i am a hard working person and I give all the up most respect to mr. soles. He has helped me many times before and sometimes still does. Allen is just a teenager and has had a rough life growing up. Just as i have, we have never had a mother or father figure growing up. we have always had a grandmother that busted her butt to do everything she could for us to raise us. Leave them alone! Dont judge a book by its cover because you dont know whats really going on, on the inside until you take the time to quit running your mouths and ask the person yourself. Not everyone's lives are all the same, much less perfect in the least. so for all yall that wants to talk about someone else and the way they live, think before you speak. It is ruining my family with all this drama. Frog has done his wrong and so have I and everybody else. LET IT REST!!!!!! I love you frog, your my little brother and I will always be by your side for anything

Get a Life, Cheyenne

You sure have the nerve to talk about someone whenever you were on the news stating that RC wanted to hurt your brother. You seem to forget that RC Soles referred to you as someone who has head problems. How sound we forget. Go back and review WWAY TV 3's coverage of Frog's house being burned. It's on there. As far as your grandmother, I think she benefited from RC Soles too. Don't poor mouth. Your brother would probably be alive today if he had not associated with RC. Do you want your children to be around RC Soles? I wouldn't think you would because you know what kind of monster he is. Your mother is to blame too. She should have raised you and Frog instead of leaving it to your grandmother.

You want to bash other people. Clean up your own door step before you go criticing others. Don't defend RC Soles. All he has caused your family is grief.

How heartless are you to

How heartless are you to talk about this girls poor dead grandma? But you're a Christian right? We all know where you'll be going!

Frankly the majority of the

Frankly the majority of the people are not fed up with all thats going on, because WWAY would not report it, and all these comments would not be printed.

Hazard County

Yah'll just let Boss Hog know that Bo and Luke Duke are on their way. Now all we need is the General Lee and Uncle Jessie to complete the cast.

You forgot one

What about Daisy Duke? Don't you dare suggest froggie wear some short shorts! Maybe Jenelle or party girl Randi could fill that part.

Daisy Duke "Yum"

That sounds good to me! I know some place safe for to stay, RC's. Nobody will touch her their.



Best you can do

Is this all the news your station has?? Really, nothing newsworthy today at all. How about some good news situations for a change.

Anway, since the beginning of law enforcement, small town departments have responded sometimes to close situations because of the slow response time for agencies whose officers are farther away. Some jurisdictions even have a 1 mile extra-territorial jurisdiction by mandate of law and at least two towns in NC have an extended 3-mile jurisdiction for response to calls of crimes in progress such as these are usually.

What would you do? Have someone badly injured or killed while waiting on Sheriff's officers who may be 15, 30, 45 or more minutes away? Would you want an officer a mile or two away or less to come assist you even if you were outside their jurisdiction and you were in bad need of their assistance?

Sometimes, when the news media beats things into a frenzy as all the incidents have been exploited by them to sell ads because of ratings, these things get blown out of proportion. This is all done for the "glory headlines" and hoping it sells ad space on their news site and for their station....a money making venture.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the safety of the public. All agencies render aid to one another in emergency responses and have for years and most likely will continue to do so. In rural areas it is almost essential just for the safety of the officers as well who are so spread out sometimes.

Come on WWAY, find something new to harp about. I, for one, am tired of hearing about this every week or more.


Just a correction on your assertion that the ETJ has ANYTHING to do with crime control and public safety. It doesn't! ETJ only has to do with zoning and planning so that the future growth corridor of a given city "looks" like the city wants it to as it grows. It was done in response to the fact that most counties did NOT have planning and zoning.
Law enforcement is directly tied to tax revenues of the citizens that live within the jurisdiction of the town/city limits.
Again, ETJ is an excuse the sheriff should be providing law enforcement coverage at this private home that doesn't pay city taxes. And the fine senator should be calling 911 for the fastest response rather than personal cell phones. The Tabor City police are NOT his private army.
If a patrolman or deputy were closer to the scene, 911 operators would be able to dispatch the fastest response, not the "personal" assistant RC wants to deal with situations largely of his own making.

Alternate Thought

Sure, if it's a true life-or-death emergency, you'd want help...within jurisdiction or not. That goes for any emergency service. But what if a tax-paying citizen of Tabor City has an issue and the TC police are outside the city limits on another call? Who gets priority? A citizen that lives outside the city limits and pays no taxes to support the local police or the town resident that does? TC residents pay city taxes to take care of someone who gets the benifit but not the bill?

Oh, please!

Mutual sssistance is often rendered, but not by calling the police chief on his cellular phone! That totally circumvents any agreement of mutual assistance. The sheriff's office doesn't even know that the call has been made! They might have a deputy two-miles up Old Stake Road!

Don't try to defend the indefensible. This is good ol' boy corruption at its best, and you know it! Everybody else on Miriam or Lakewood has to call 911, but Creepy Old Guy gets to call the chief directly?

Well said!

I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe the ONLY reason this “agreement” was made for him to call the police chief was so that there would be no official 911 recording of any calls. This is a perfect example of the good ol’ boy way of life that many people expect in small Southern towns. It also goes to show people that the more money you have the more you can get away with. Let you or me or any other everyday citizen be accused of the crap that Mr. Soles has been accused of & we’d probably still be sitting in the jail.

Well said!

Don't blame Chief Dowless for answering the phone when RC Soles called him. Soles knows he intentionally left his home out of the town limits. Residents in his area besides Dennis Worley should be furious because Soles is asking for TCPD protection but doesn't want to pay the town taxes. Shame on him.

Put the blame where it belongs...not with Dowless but with Soles. Soles does not want the entire county to know what he and his boys do that causes the police to be called at all times of the night. Let Sheriff Batten and his officers handle the calls from Soles. Maybe this will cut down on some of the deputies from doing things on work time that they shouldn't be doing.....


Undoubtedly you must be like the rest of the crooked no good people we have representing this poor county or you would be fed up with the bs that goes on here. GET A LIFE!!! And if you don't like what is posted it's really simple. DON'T READ IT!!!


If you lived in Columbus County, you would know that waiting on the Sheriff's Department to respond is like waiting on the price of gas to go below $2.00/gallon. It may never happen. Also, what can you expect when the Columbus County Sheriff's Department gets there. I bet you 90% of them would be considered obese. Just look at the example our Sheriff sets. Boss Hawg himself!


GUEST5678 I give you a HIGH FIVE on that one. In the community here in CC where I live there must be 5 Columbus County Sheriff's. However, does that make me feel safe? Why h**l no! And as far as Boss Hawg goes I believe the books need to be checked to see how much of the taxpayers money paid for the trip to Hawaii!

TIP: You better hope that person is not friends with The Hawg himself

"lies in the past" very profound

The statue of Justice isn't blindfolded for equality, it's because she's ashamed.

Now that Soles is a private citizen, things need to change.

The constant soap opera with the "gang of four" needs to see the light of full disclosure.

Maybe, just maybe, the Columbus Sheriff's Department has the professionals to put this matter to rest.

When these people call the authorities, and make statements, the full weight of the law should be brought to bear, and maybe the truth will come out.

Maybe all this has continued for so long because "Rex Gore set it up that way."

So in other words...

...they're the Tabor City Police Department and R.C. Soles' private security force.

That may have been appropriate when he was a state senator, but it is clearly IN-appropriate now. Let him call 911 like the rest of the peasants.

...compliments of Al

...compliments of Al "Capone"Leonard (TC Town Manager/Chief Dowless Boss).

Good thing Mr. Soles had my

Good thing Mr. Soles had my other bf's number on speedial or else we might not have as much to read about because one of these little fellas might be dead by now!

Good thing mr. Soles had my

I don't know who you are that wrote this comment, but if you aren't man enough or woman enough to display your identity, then don't try to imply that you are me. I am can for myself.

Chief Donald Dowless is my friend and I do respect him and the TCPD greatly. I don't care who criticizes them, they had done an excellant job under the circumstances of having a former state senator and his group of boys acting stupid at all times of the day and night. I am not a fan of RC Soles and I do think he is the cause of all of the problems. A person is innocent until proven guilty and Frog should be given a fair trial. My thoughts on this matter is my business. So, if you want to speak for yourself, then do so and don't try to identify yourself with me or anyone else.

Trust me we DO KNOW how much

Trust me we DO KNOW how much you respect Donald Dowles. And can you please explain to me what "I am can for myself" means because I dont exactly understant that statement. And you know these sorry a** cops obviously arent doing such a great job or they wouldnt be under investigation right now....and by the way, bf stands for boyfriend, not bestfriend. Thanks, and God Bless!Oh, yea and I would be glad to identify myself, but i've got my reasons for not doing so right now and I promise its not because im intimidated....k thanks!


They might as well set up a satellite office at his house...would save money in the long run!

...and let Greg Fibbett be

...and let Greg Fibbett be the manager....well maybe not...he would FORGET how to get their and FORGET what to do...

better yet...

confine said criminals AT Soles house. They like being there so much anyways, just turn one room of his house into a jail and make him the warden... or is that like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop?


I Just wonder if any of these boys run thru RC'S neighbors house when they are running from our famous TCPD. WHO IS HIS NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR? All the commotion you would think they would hear something. JUST SAYIN...


I agree with you. I have often wondered if the TCPD maybe stretching it a little just to get media attention themselves. After the mistrial of Frog it is obvious our wonderful CHIEF DOWLESS loves attention and doesn't matter in what shape or form he gets it. You would think he could have worn his uniform to court on Monday. If all that is happening you would think his neighbor which I want to believe is an attorney at the MCGOUGAN LAW FIRM would be really fed up and would be making complaints himself. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


You are quick to criticize Chief Dowless, well I'm not. Chief Dowless has a job to do like anyone else and he does have the right to take time off. Just because he was in civilian clothes doesn't mean he can't testify in court. When summoned to court by a presiding judge to be ready to testify at a certain time, I don't thnk Chief Dowless was worried about his uniform and you wouldn't be either in you had been in his shoes. As for Dennis Worley being RC's neighbor, why don't you ask him how many times he has had to tell RC to keep his trash on his side of the fence. I'm sure Worley was concerned for his wife and daughters and didn't want either one to be harmed when he wasn't at home. Your comments come from someone who is speaking through their butt. Know the facts. RC Soles is trouble, always has been and he loves to have his sick fun with these boys. And another thing. Why don't you identify yourself instead of picking a name everyone in TC knows. Jim Bob would never write such trash as you've written. You must be one of RC's boys.

We can't hold Al to bear. He

We can't hold Al to bear. He is drivimg RC's old Mercedes Benz now. They are close pals, but he and Rex Gore are totally innocent of any wrong doing. You know that, right? And Frog? Well, he's just a misunderstood young man who was mistreated by Senator Soles. You believe all this right? Sure, its the truth. I swear on Frog's home owners policy and BJ Wrights bank account!!