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FIRST ON 3: Berger bond set; Girlfriend too afraid to go to his house without police; Listen to 911 call

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Berger bond set; Girlfriend too afraid to go to his house without police; Listen to 911 call

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County Commissioner who's been embroiled in several controversies landed in jail overnight. Wilmington Police arrested Brian Berger shortly after midnight.

During a court appearance this morning, a judge set Berger's bond at $500 unsecured.

Berger is charged with assault on a female and damage to personal property. Berger faces up to 150 days in jail if convicted. A police spokeswoman says the charges stem from a domestic incident at his home around 7 p.m. Thursday.

In a call to New Hanover County 911, the alleged victim told an operator it wasn't an emergency, but she wanted a police officer to accompany her to Berger's home.

Listen to Brian Berger's girlfriend's call to 911.

View incident report from Wilmington Police Department

"Basically what's happening," the unidentified woman said, "is my boyfriend and I had a huge fight, and he's throwing my stuff out, and the trash is being picked up tomorrow, and I need to get my stuff, but he's already been physical. He's tried to, I don't know, grab me, and I'm scared to go over and get my stuff, so I'm wondering if there's any way that I can have a police officer come to my place and then escort me to his place so I can get my things."

According to a news release from the police department, the woman told officers the incident happened at Berger's home. An incident report identifies the woman as Catherine Heather Blaylock.

The alleged victim went on to say that she did not want to wait by herself outside Berger's home at 527 Commons Way waiting for an officer, so arrangements were made for her to meet an officer at a drugstore nearby.

The woman told the operator she just wanted to get a few things of hers out of a box Berger was trying to throw away.

"I'm just more scared that... he's already tried to get in my car," she said, "and when I locked the doors so he couldn't get in, ripped the door handle off my car. So I really don't want to be alone with him right now."

Berger is being held without bond at the New Hanover County detention facility. He'll make his first appearance in court later today.

This is not the first time police have responded to Berger's home. Back in January, WWAY obtained text messages from Blaylock, who lived with Berger at the time, that claimed that she was concerned about herself and her children.

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You accuse me of conspiracy

You accuse me of conspiracy theories - yet I've never seen anything quite as drenched in irrational paranoia as the dreck you posted here. Since you like to hide behind fake screen names and accuse good people of bad things; since your pathetic cowardice is supposedly protected by your internet anonymity, I'm giving you a chance to man up and meet with me to discuss these things you accuse me of. Send me an email - and we can meet. You can explain to me where I am guilty of slander, innuendo, and whatever other slobbering nonsense you accuse me of.


The only slobbering is coming from you as You rant. You can cut down other members of the County Commission with your claims of under the radar evidence, accusations of deals made for a commissioners benefit and so on. One thing you can't take is criticism. By the way. Have you apologized to Ms. Blaylock?

Irrational Paranoia, just look back at your own posts, Ben!

No one has slandered others as you have Ben. Yet you offer no evidence. Talk is cheap and that seems to be all you do!

Sound like someone doing a Jason Thompson?

which parking lot will this all go down..I want to make sure I have the correct address for my GPS..

Looks like Goulsby has a new client

Made a lot of his living defending drunk drivers...berger would make an excellent client for his portfolio.
Course I am sure that they will argue that the emmotional stress of "persecution" and folks "being after" him caused all this...oh but wait..this has already happened at this house before all this "persecution" maybe its a "persecution complex" like old benny boy has.
I would think the old big talker ought to be seriously thinking about who is on its radio as well. Advertisers that support that mess...well, here is what you are supporting. Good luck with that.

You Should Resign... For Your Own Good!

This is not going to stop until you are gone. This is a dirty, dirty old town that doesn't like it when you try to upset they're nice little racket they have here. Resign, walk away, and say !@#$ it. Government on all levels is broken beyond repair, and for very clear reasons. Its preposterous to think you, or anyone else is going to come in like Superman and save the day. Go back to your life, what is left of it, and leave the swill to the pigs. Not for nothing, they gave you the rope, you hung yourself with it, and that is that.


Mr. Berger should never have run. He is a whipped little puppy who was thrown in with Pit Bulls by The Kennel Master Ben McCoy. It would not surprise me if He did not set him up to fail, create discourse within the board and become a green eyed fly. We all know what a green eyed fly does. It is around 3:45pm and I have only seen one post from the Kennel Master. He must be out rounding up the little whipped puppy so as to get him back in the pen. How is that for a little political sarcasm Ben? Almost as good as you.

Excuse Me

But HOW is any of this the fault of anyone but Berger. He is late to meeting, apparently beats his girlfriend, can barely put together a coherent sentence....and this isn't is fault you say? Explain please

You are excused

Did I say, somewhere, that it is not his fault? Its the greatest of the Deadly Sins- sweet pride. You get elected, even to a one horse thing like the CC, and a bunch of puppies start following you around telling you how wonderful you are. You get a taste of the only thing better than money- power. You start thinking you are something- which would be fine, encouraged in fact, as long as you play nice with your co-conspirators in government. He seemed to truly want to do the right thing, but lacks the power and sophistication to cover-up his ridiculous personal life like any self respecting politician would do.
His epic crash-and-burn in no way diminishes the fact that his message was sane. As the old saying goes, just because an idiot said the the sun rises in the east, doesn't make it false. Corruption in government is ubiquitous, and things happen in this little town you wouldn't believe.

Someday you people are going to wake up and realize that you can't change the system within the system. Its illogical to think you can. What system could possibly survive as long and large and powerful as government, that allows for its own destruction?

The system

I would be curious to hear what suggestions you have as an alternative. I assume that the NoGovernment name is just for affect and not an actual (read thought out) philosophy; although it is working well in Somalia.

Any system is subject to abuse; as such it is our responsibility to correct the abuses. I would argue that IF Mr. Berger’s intend was to right a wrong he has failed miserably. It seems more likely that he was somehow installed by some group obsessed with conspiracy so his incompetence would simply reduce any effectiveness the county government may have had. Either way we loose.

"Thought out"

What you don't get is that the "abuses" are the system itself. I'm not going to argue about "politics" with you or anyone else. I am retired from useless bickering with people still playing this boring game. I'm out. I'll leave you with this, though. My dream... is one day they have an "election" and nobody shows up. Maybe then we'd have someplace to start from.

well said sir.

Right, I get it. The problem is you have no alternative to offer other than the lame, paranoid "its all the government's fault". Do us all a favor and don't play the game, just sit at home and fill the internet with your half baked rants.

Just keep paying them taxes.

Hey Ben McCoy, been to jail to see your boy-wonder? (Berger)

Well lets see what total WACKED-OUT B.S. you will spew today! But you may need to take a little time off your blogs to go bail your puppet out of jail.....LOL

Ben Mckoy's response on StarNews

Ben McCoy · Top Commenter · Marketing Director at 101 Mobility
The real crime is that he didn't throw that crazy harpy out of the house the last time she threw him under the bus. Given that he didn't, this was bound to happen...

Hello Carolyn!

Hello Carolyn Justice... I know she's a Berger supporter and donor but let's see if she'll do for us what she did for Topsail. Help us get rid of this embarrassment.

Email her @


Isn't it funny how crazy things happen to crazy people.

Will Ben Mckoy do another rant?

LOL..who is the dipsh*t now? and if you tell me that the Sheriff Department will still investigate those so called leak records then they are just as crazy as Brian..

Come on Joe!

At this time I bet Joe Chesire is on I-40 doing 80mph with the SHP on his tail, as he tries to get to his client who spent a restless night at the Graybar Hotel.


A prime example of maturity, judgment, and staying off the skyline.

I can hardly wait for all the posts claiming that WWAY is picking on Berger.