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ONLY ON 3: Attorney and wife talk after meeting with Highway Patrol

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Attorney and wife talk after meeting with Highway Patrol

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Raleigh attorney and his wife who called out a New Hanover County Highway Patrol trooper in a letter to the governor are now speaking out on camera.

Hoyt and Gina Tessener say they were in Wilmington last week for a conference. The attorney thought the trip would be like any other trip to the coast. Instead it became an experience that evoked fear and uncertainty.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Edward Wyrick Jr. pulled over Gina last week near Wrightsville Beach because the trooper said her headlight was not working. The stop led to Wyrick accusing Tessener of drinking and driving.

"He then turns into me and tells me, 'I smell alcohol on your breath,'" Gina Tessener said.

Tessener says the trooper then took her to the Wrightsville Beach Police Department for a breath test. Gina blew a 0.00 twice

"It was clear from his face when gina blew the breathlyzer and it was 0.00...yYou can see him clench his jaw, tense up and was very angry by that," Hoyt Tessener said. "You can just sense the way he tensed up."

The Tesseners say Wyrick tried to intimidate them while they waited for the result of the second breath test.

"He came up and put his chest within an inch of my shoulder telling me to leave, and I stood there for the minute until it showed again 0.00," Hoyt said.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Wyrick told them he would have to take Gina "downtown" for a magistrate to release her. On the drive Hoyt Tessener followed Wyrick, who had Gina handcuffed in his car. Just a few minutes in, another trooper pulled Hoyt over.

The Tesseners think Wyrick set the whole thing up.

"The way he was going around this was what can I do now to hurt him, arrest him... it was pure intimidation," Gina said.

The second trooper soon let Hoyt Tessener. Hoyt tried to catch up with his wife, who was at the New Hanover County Jail in Castle Hayne, where a magistrate let her go.

The Tesseners eventually met up, putting an end to a night they won't soon forget.

Tuesday morning they met with Highway Patrol Internal Affairs investigators.

"I asked them have you looked at the video tapes from the cruisers? Have you looked at the tapes from the booking room? Have you looked at the cell records or the radio chatter?" Hoyt Tessener said. "He said, 'Well, we have not looked at any of that stuff yet.' The last thing I asked him is Tpr. Wyrick still on the road, and he said, 'I think he still is.'"

As for Wyrick, he had Wednesday off. We stopped by his home north of Wilmington. His wife answered the door and said he was not home. We left a message, and she said he would call us. He has not.

The Tesseners say they are very disappointed that Wyrick is still on duty. They hope the Highway Patrol will do what's right in the end.

Of course, The this is just the latest incident for an agency that has been mired in controversies involving troopers for several years now to the point that the governor appointed a new leader for the Highway Patrol and a blue ribbon panel to look at reform.

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Here's a fact

Go check what stories WECT had tonight. I believe you'll find they recut a version of this story from a station in Raleigh that STILL doesn't have as much information as we do.

Here's another fact: I said on TV Wednesday night that I believe the vast majority of law enforcement officers are good people who do a good and difficult job, and I truly mean and believe that. I think it's unfortunate that their reputation is often sullied by the handful of bad apples as well as people who try to make them look bad.

And how exactly will we be proven wrong? We have not taken a position on this to be proven right or wrong. We reported on a set of facts: that this couple, right or wrong, made serious accusations to the governor, Lt. Gov., AG, etc., regarding two state troopers. We have not made any accusations against anyone. Tonight, we will report on another set of facts that until now have been unavailable to us. Reporting like this does not happen all at once. It comes together piece by piece.

Here's another fact: I wasn't bashing your mother. I was criticizing media that have let you down by hiding what's really going on and try to whitewash it.

Know your source

I totally understand the part of the Trp not contacting you or the HP office however when someone is under investigation, it may be best rather than go to this officers house and knock on his door and let every criminal out there know where he lives. To call the office and ask to speak to a supervisor. This incident is being reviewed by the IA Dep. When both sides are out you will have all the story that you can deal with. I just hope that you do a great job of defending this Trp when all the evidence of slander and lies have been layed in your lap. When he is cleared from all of this, I will be sure to come back on your website and say I TOLD YOU SO!


YOU READ THE ARTICLE? There is NO video/audio in this troopers vehicle...YOU FAIL!

But the audio/video

But the audio/video recording at the jail is so good you can hear a mouse fart. And I bet Wrightsville Beach has similar. I wonder if the attorney knew that before he wrote his letter...

you must be blind

You must be blind if you think this trooper didnt behave badly.
Yes taxpayers pay him to do his job, not chase around people with a headlight out. She blew a 0.00 and went downtown, but part of that don't you understand? Shame on you to defend and shame on him for wasting taxpayers money.

bad cop

this guy would arrest his mom if she was only sippin cough many citizens have been effected by his b/s.Take away his badge and gun and fire the jerk.

What is the name of the

What is the name of the officer that pulled Hoyt over?h

How many arrests and only one complaint?

Gee, Do you wonder why , with all of the citations Trooper Wyrick has handled over the past 3 months, only one person complained?
Below is a link to Trooper Wyrick's recent citation record.

Why are these news chasers

Why are these news chasers at his house aggrivating the wife that he does not have?

Maybe they were trying to

Maybe they were trying to get his side of the story!! Opps sorry you can't comprehend that, sorry...GOOD job WWAY, keep it up

doing their job

All the news team did was knock on the door of the officer.
They are doing their job reporting the news.
I guess if it happened to you, you would do nothing?

I hope that somebody from

I hope that somebody from WWAY reads my comment. Do you guys know anything about this case or the man accused. Look up your facts before you assume anything. First of all the lawyer is a very good liar, because he said everything he wrote word for word. If it was truth he would have said Im scared to have troopers on the road like that. No he just was spitting out words. Second of all WWAY what happened to unbiased new yea right not this case this is the second time I have seen you people do this instead of knowing the facts. Third of all you cant accuse somebody with out knowing the facts, oh wait that kind of falls into the unbiased subject, just in case you need a learning course. Fourth of all the trooper is not married, and when the truth does come out I hope you put it on your news station. Slander, and you guys are helping this couple who by the way thinks they are above society, they even think they are above everybody that works at wway. Defend the people doing right, not the people looking for their 15 mins of fame.

Guestwrong, what leads you

Guestwrong, what leads you to conclude that the lawyer is a liar? He documented and re-stated the chain of events which happened during his wife's improper treatment by the SHP trooper, nothing more, nothing less.

How do you infer that the lawyer and wife "think they are above society" because they went to the press about an obnoxious level of maltreatment at the hands of a trooper?

My compliments to WWAY for making this story public.

I dont believe I am above society, so what is the excuse?

I dont believe I am above society and it happened to me, just recently with another trooper and I filed a complaint through the proper channels and nothing came of it. I asked for audio and tapes, and guess what? Surprise!!!There were none!!! Thats right defend people doing right and I hate to break it to you, it is not our trusted troopers---- It is time for a change. After reading this and other complaints, it is not just this single trooper it goes beyond and upper level also---Maybe I should go to the media and maybe more complaints of this behavior will come out and then people will see there is a big problem. A person no matter who they are, what laws they broke are still human, and I have been and witness people being treated like animals. By the way I have never broke a law in my life and still was a victim of a troopers disrepect.

Trooper Down

Those who want to take potshots at the NC Highway patrol should probably read the book, "Trooper Down" by Marie Bartlett.

I have been pulled over several times in my long life and have never been treated with anything but respect.

My suggestion: if you get pulled over, be calm be respectful, be quiet. Do not say anything that could send you to jail.

The video makes it obvious that the lawyer husband ia an a--hole.

Unfortunately, being an a--hole is not against the law.

? don't say anything that could send you to jail?

I'm wondering what that means? perhaps a better way to phrase it would be - "Don't say ANYTHING to the officer, he's not your friend, he's gathering evidence, say NOTHING!"

My response

I am embarresed to tell this story, but here it is: I promise you, it happened many, many years ago.

I was driving around with a bottle of Boones Farm wine between my legs, taking a swig every now and then. The trooper pulled me over for defective tail light. Defective lights are the standard excuse for pulling you over on suspicion.

When he asked, "Why do you have the cork out of that bottle?" I said, "Well, sir thats the only way I could figure out how to drink it."

That is when he pulled me out of the car, cuffed me and took me off to jail.
Some of life's lessons are hard- but usefull.