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Protest held after sign outside of church tells gays to 'turn or burn'

READ MORE: Protest held after sign outside of church tells gays to 'turn or burn'

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- An anti-gay sign outside of a Wilmington church resulted in a protest Sunday morning. The message, which had been up since last week instructed gays to 'turn or burn'

“It's kind of like salt in a wound,” said Tammy Heuring, the wife of the Seagate Community Chapel pastor. “However, salt does heal a wound. It just hurts really bad at first.”

The Seagate Community Chapel off of Oleander drive put up a controversial sign which read "God loves gays but hates perverted lives, turn or burn'

“Without having the space, the person who does the sign used the most concise wording that they could,” said Pastor David Heuring. “Was that the best wording possible? I don't think so.”

The sign has since been vandalized. On Sunday morning a heart was spray painted over it and all that was left was the phrase 'god loves gays.' Church members then added 'but he hates sin.'

Wilmington Pride, an area organization that supports homosexuals wanted to do something about the message they called hateful.

“Do you know how many kids go past here,” said TR Nunley, president of Wilmington Pride. “They might be struggling with their sexuality and see that and at the least they would feel bad about themselves and at the most maybe they would attempt suicide or something.”

The group organized a peaceful protest across the street from Seagate.

“We had a lot of dialogue,” said Pastor David Heuring. “We were probably over there for half an hour or so passing out drinks and talking with them.”

Pastor Heuring says the 'turn or burn' sign is the first in a series of signs they will be putting up about different types of sinners.

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MAJ, hate them as much as you'd like....

...but don't ask them to change their deepest religious beliefs. If they believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, they are ***NEVER*** going to accept your lifestyle. You may as well be a murderer to them, because the Biblical prohibitions are the same - you just "don't do it." Why is their acceptance of homosexuality even an issue? They don't accept my view on abortion, and I could care less. You're an Athiest - you should be able to ignore them easier than I can.

Bottom line is that they have a right to have their sign say what they want it to as long it is on their property, and the criminal who vandalized it should be prosecuted if identified.

Issues such as this actually cost the gay community supporters. I, for example, would fight to the death to insure your constitutional rights; what makes you think I'd do any less to protect THEIR constitutional rights?

Don't drag yourself down

As a resident of the Seagate Area and an out homosexual this is not the way to respond in the least bit to those who question our integrety, sexual orientation, and way of life. We all have the right to speak our minds, and condeming others, just as the church is doing, is counter productive to our cause. How awful to wish that others place of worship would burn down. I do not practice any religion, though I none the less consider myself to have strong morals, please turn your judgements inward and reflect upon yourselves. We are none in a place to judge each other on how we live our lives, with respect to our sexual orientation and partner(s).

So if that happens...

the WPD can easily get the IP address of their first suspect, i.e., you?

"It's disgusting that people are so ignorant in this day and age..."

Do you mean like how you wished for a building to burn down with dozens of people inside of it because of the content of a silly sign? You're not that bright are you?

WoW! Such bitterness and hatred!

It appears as though you have a "few" unresolved issues with your own lifestyle. Whether or not you have the ability to realize it, the vast majority of America still does not agree or accept the homosexual lifestyle as being "normal". There is nothing "disgusting" about the prevailing opinion except the fact that you don't happen to agree with it, a normal response to those in a state of denial. It simply is what it is and you cannot change it. As a staunch heterosexual, I would never "poke the ribs" as the church sign did. I simply ignore the lifestyle and "tolerate" it as long as I am left alone.

You harbor a lot of anger over an issue that is in great dissention in our society. Just accept yourself, realize your position (no pun intended) and understand that the societal majority views on this subject will not change in your lifetime.

how can one be a "staunch

how can one be a "staunch heterosexual?" that kind of cracks me up.

That term DOES tend to confuse those that are wishy-washy....

...and have no idea what they really are, You know... Sort of Gay, Bi-sexual, Bi-"curious", straight turned gay , gay turned back to straight...whatever the convenience of title that depends on the moment I guess. Sure, if I were in those shoes, question marks would likely end every statement I would make.

You see, cracked up one, I know what I am, who I am, what my purpose is and what my organs were provided for. I suppose I should consider myslf extremely lucky to have that clarity of mind and function.


.......Coming from someone who hasn't spent their entire "staunch heterosexual" life being putdown and condemned for something they have no control over.


You have NO control over your body? Sounds more and more like a mental problem...

"...for something you have no control over."?

This seems to be the same thinking that alcoholics, drug addicts, pedophiles and rapists use. Fortunately, a few of those I mentioned are STILL far.

Ignorance and stupidity both

Ignorance and stupidity both breed contempt. You are living proof.

I'm eagerly waiting for

I'm eagerly waiting for Seagate's next sign chastizing those sinful wearers of cloth made from different fibers (Leviticus 19:19) and the following sign against those wicked wicked people who dare eat shrimp and lobster (Leviticus 11:9-12)...

Oops, I'm wearing polyester/cotton blends and I'm feeling a lot of heat... I may be burning already...

Oh nooooo! (woosh!)

I guess they are too busy chastizing that they are forgetting something about the guy wearing sandals who came a long time after the Leviticus stuff who said something about loving your neighbor as yourself, helping the poor, feeding the hungry and so on. In fact, this guy was really big on sharing the wealth and caring for those less fortunate because what we do for them we do in His name...

If only churches went back to what this guy was saying we'd all be better off.

You overlook two facts

While many animals and practices were called out as unclean and forbidden, only one practice was highlighted as offensive to God directly.

Second, you choose to overlook that the New Testament (Paul) also condemns homosexuality. It's not only Levitticus.

Accept gays or your property will be destroyed?

I have no problem with homosexuality from a constitutional rights aspect. I sincerely believe that a gay man or Lesbian is entitled to the exact same rights and privileges as I am.

That said, their demand that religions now embrace their lifestyle is over the top and must not be accepted. It is political correctness gone wild. Homosexuality is resoundingly condemned in both the Old and New Testament. Judaism and Islam condemn it as well. No religion with a speck of integrity and fundamental belief in the Bible is going to alter their teaching from what they believe is the inspired word of God.

By virtue of our Constitution the government has to accept you - there is no such requirement placed upon religion or churches. This church had every right to post a message that is based on fundamental Christian teaching. No one, however, had a right to vandalize that sign.

Isn't it ironic that a group of people who have had their rights denied in the past are now willing to deny others their rights?

I agree

I agree with you. I listened to the news last night and heard some of the negative comments made against the church. There were some very ignorant comments made - you can tell who has been to church and has not. God did not make homosexuals. The Bible clearly condemns it - those that are ignorant to its words will not be excused. Homosexuality is a life choice just as choosing to drink or take drugs is. Society has made the excuse that is by birth, but that won't fly come judgement day.

Your last sentence speaks volumes. The same ones out there protesting and those that protest all over the country, are the same ones denying yours and my rights to speak our thoughts on the subject. Let a Christian make a stand and no one believes they should. It is going to get much worse as satan fights more and more to gain the souls of the wicked.


Tell me the story of the day you decided to be heterosexual. How long did you contemplate it? Did you talk it over with your parents? Did you look thru porn magazines to see what worked for you? Please enlighten me......

The gay gene

Always the same argument, when did you choose to be straight..... Where is the gay gene.

It makes sense to me that our DNA is programed, evolved whatever to procreate in order to survive. Anything other than that would be an abnormality.

I never decided to be straight or gay if that's what you are asking, I did decide whether or not to have sex with someone.


All of the old Bronze Age monotheisitic religions condemn homosexuality because they had no knowledge of science or genetics.

The Old Testament claims the world is flat as a pancake. Epileptics were considered "posessed by demons" by the people of this time. Many people of this time who were mentally ill were stoned to death because they uttered "blasphemies".

Since the Bronze Age religions had no knowledge of science or psychology, or genetics, they condemned homosexuality.

We now know that sexual orientation is not chosen but genetically and environmentally conditioned at a very early age--by the age of two. And being gay is an affectional orientation. Gay people are attracted emotionally and sexually to members of their own sex.

Just as a heterosexual cannot change their sexual orientation, neither can a homosexual.

Church Bigots

Why would any Church that is supposed to love everyone like Jesus did purposely put up a sign that is seen by thousands everyday that is HATE FILLED? To think that anyone would choose to be GAY is the same as one would choose to have DOWN SYNDROME or a Brain Tumor or to be Blind or Deaf! Everyone has homosexuality in their family somewhere in their family tree. In my experienced life, I find the ones who condemn it so publicly are usually fighting being homosexual themselves. Shame on that church for causing so much pain in our community and shame on the ones who destroyed the sign.

Your points are valid....

...but in the Christian mindset, that simply means that you have your work cut out for you. You're going to have to really work hard to resist temptation and sin.

The Bible can't be used as a science text, but it was never intended to serve that purpose. For example, I know that the Earth wasn't created in seven days, but that doesn't mean God didn't create it. Joshua's having the trumpets blown didn't bring down the walls of Jericho, but a heavenly sent earthquake may have.

Moses may not have understood the scientific aspects of being born or conditioned into gay sex , but his writings may have been a warning against the excessive promiscuity that was a hallmark of homosexuality until Hepatitis B, C, and AIDS made people start to use their brains.

I think this one?

"Lying is another form of Management"