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Church's anti-gay sign vandalized

READ MORE: Church's anti-gay sign vandalized

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington church's sign is still making news. Seagate Community Chapel's sign has been making waves since last week when it was first posted. Now, the sign is in pieces, and police are looking for who's to blame.

The sign warning homosexuals to "turn or burn" was peacefully protested Sunday morning and broken Sunday night.

The sign at Seagate Community Chapel in Wilmington usually welcomes folks into the church. But it's been the focus of protests for an anti-gay message, which led to vandalism over the weekend.

Rachel Clary attended the peaceful protest Sunday morning. She says she never thought things would go this far.

"It was really, really disappointing," Clary said. "We felt that it kind of took away from the entire message that we were trying to put out there like respond to this message of hate with a message of love and peace, and for someone to decide to completely really undermine that and not join with us but instead try to get that message out in a violent way, we felt that was completely inappropriate."

Clary says she was offended by the sign, and she says she is not alone, but she cannot believe that it was destroyed. She says the protestors' interaction with the church was non-confrontational, and that's exactly what they had planned.

"We just wanted to send a peaceful message," Clary said. "Everyone was really on board with that from the very beginning."

Wilmington Pride president T.R. Nunley says ever since Nunley first found out about the sign, Nunley knew something had to be done, but Nunley never thought it would be criminal.

"We absolutely knew we needed to do something, but we didn't want it to be that kind of violence," Nunley said.

Nunley says, if anything, this sign just proves that there is still more work to be done to gain equality. Nunley says that Seagate Community Chapel may think homosexuals must turn or burn, but Nunley does not agree.

"They had their message, and we have ours," she said. "You know, being gay is OK."

We tried to contact Seagate Community Chapel this afternoon to get their take on the vandalism, but we not heard back.

The Wilmington Police Department says it is looking into the crime.

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HEY Seagate

Fred Phelps called, he wants his sign back.

There are some who take what

There are some who take what the Bible says Literally.. in our country we have freedom of religion & freedom of speech. I dont like gay pride parades, but i dont throw tomatoes.. if i go with the logic of the vandals, perhaps i should return the favor considering there are some in the gay community who are heterophbes

""We just wanted to send a

""We just wanted to send a peaceful message,"

You're gonna burn in hell is NOT a "peaceful" (nor loving) message.



First, the turn or burn part is judgmental. GOD is the only judge of who is going to burn and who isn't. Second...while God's message is love and forgiveness...there will be NO forgiveness when your time is up to have chosen. The FACT is that God has stated homosexuality is a sin...PERIOD. You can spin it all you want to make yourself feel better...but it is what it is. I don't hate a single homosexual...I DO hate their sin...however, I am not any better as I have sin that God hates just as much.

Christians get bashed left and right, put down and cursed the very people who demand equality and tolerance. Christians are human, not gods...they are subject to the same sin as everyone else. If you go to church expecting to see a congregation full of perfect will ALWAYS be disappointed.

Lastly...this whole thing is a product of our government pandering to the minority. Our country has become a country of BIG SISSY BABIES that think because they don't like something they have to get their way and be rid of it. If you don't like the flipping sign, DON'T READ IT!

wilmington pride wanted to

wilmington pride wanted to send the peaceful message and they DID! it was seagate community chapel who sent a hateful, intolerant, disgusting message.

I was the one who made the

I was the one who made the comment about sending a peaceful message, not the church. However, a church member did say in a previous interview that the intention of the sign was to send a message of love.

I can't belive people

I can't belive people discriminate human begings for their sexuality, race, appearence or anything else and still go to church thinking they are going to stupid.


are a hypocrite..YOU discriminate EVERY DAY against someone who is different than you on some's human nature, a sin, but human nature nonetheless!

How did this sign discriminate against anyone?

It made a statement based upon their religious beliefs, nothing more. The gay community should have simply ignored it, instead of whipping up this frenzy which has done nothing but give the gays a black eye.

Love or hate

"Turn or burn"??? Well, I'm pretty sure some "Christians" would LOVE to burn some homosexuals. In fact, the burning of homosexuals by "Christians" is the origin of the word "faggot".

Who would Jesus burn?


Where did you get that, moveon?? You are INCORRECT sir...don't make yourself look like an idiot. The term "faggot" was actually used towards WOMEN LONG before it was used to describe men who are viewed as sissy's..which don't necessarily have to be GAY men!

Love or hate - turn or burn

If you will study the Bible you will see that Jesus does love everyone but he does not love the way people live in sin. You will also see that homosexuality is DEFINITELY prohibited in the Old AND New Testaments. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and you will see that homosexuals WILL NOT be allowed into heaven. If a soul is not allowed into heaven the only other place it can be put is in the Lake of Fire or HELL as we commonly call it. Jesus does not want anyone to have to be placed into hell but He WILL NOT allow any unrepentant sinner to enter into heaven and regardless of whether he/she is a layperson, priest or does not attend church they will be thrown into the lake of fire if they do not repent their sins. ALL homosexuals are sinners and unless they stop practicing homosexuality when they ask Jesus to come into their lives they are UNREPENTANT sinners and WILL NOT enter into heaven but because of THEIR unrepented sins WILL be cast into the lake of fire! This is also true for unrepentant adulterers, liars, thieves, slanders, along with a long list of other sinners as well. As stated earlier it will be THEIR sins that cause them to be cast into the lake of fire.


ONE simple thing keeps you out of hell...accepting Jesus into your heart. From there sins CAN be forgiven, but there is NO requirement to have all sins forgiven to make it into heaven. EVERY human sins..from that preacher on the pulpit to a 5 year old child. The likelihood of you dying quickly without a chance to repent of looking at that half dressed girl while you ran into a light pole and killed high. THE ONLY to accept Jesus as, being saved means you do your best to turn from sin...but most CERTAINLY don't become sinless. The last part of that sign in itself passes judgement...which IS a sin. There is ONLY ONE judge who will decide who gets into heaven and the Bible CLEARLY states you will be surprised in heaven seeing who is and who isn't getting in.

Way to go, idiots!

Are you actually working hard to alienate those who DO support your right to be gay and still be treated equally?

Inappropriate response to explicit threats of violence

The so-called "Christians" have been committing violence against gay people, for centuries. The so-called "Christians" have very recently threatened violence against gay people. The sign in question was an EXPLICIT THREAT of violence against gay people. Vandalism is inappropriate, and I am sure no one condones it. However, the vandalism of that sign was clearly an act of speech. And, no one was harmed.


you please post up your I can preform an act of FREE SPEECH....I mean...nobody will be harmed so it's OK right!?

Explicit threat of violence?

It referred to burning in hell, genius.

No, we are not trying to

No, we are not trying to alienate supporters. The vandalization of the sign had nothing to do with the PEACEFUL protest or anyone involved. Unfortunately this act is overshadowing the work that so many people did to promote equality. The point of this article was to say that the protestors do not support the people involved with the act of violence.

Just another reason in the

Just another reason in the long line of reasons why religion is a blight on society. You never see scientist damning other scientist to hell if they disagree with their beliefs. A lot of religious followers fear that their beliefs will unravel. Instead, they declare that faith is greater than intellectualism. A lot of this hate, fear, racism and bigotry could be avoided in future generations if you just stop brainwashing your children. Let them grow up, take world religion classes and then let them decide for themselves if they want to be religious, but the religious hierarchy would never let that happen because then you would only find devout religious followers on the fringes of society.


How is threatening to "burn" God's gay and lesbian children in ANY way showing "support" for all citizens to be "treated equally"?

If and when "Christians" actually DO support that right, you'll have a point. Until then though, ...

They don't have to support...

Christians will no more support it than the gays will let it go that they don't. Both sides believe what they do and it's always the "other" side that is ignorant for not believing the way "you" do. I will not believe what the "other" side tells me for some BS politically correct reasons.... The freedom here is to actually allow more than one point of view without getting your panties in a wad. Get over it.....

How true

"The bigotry of the nonbeliever is for me nearly as funny as the bigotry of the believer." - Albert Einstein

Well said, Albie.

Well said, Albie.


when do you think God's message is all sugar. The FACT is...if you fail to repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior..YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY BURN IN HELL. Now..the decision of who will and will not mine, nor any other Christians to make...however, the Bible is VERY clear on this.

However, I DO believe you have a point...alienating yourself from the very people you are trying to reach out counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish. My feelings are this...sin is sin, the Bible DOES list specific sins God REALLY hates...BUT God is perfect and sinless and hates ALL SIN....I can assure you that every person in that congregation, as well as, the NOT without a sin that God hates JUST AS MUCH...I can almost PROMISE you that. What this church has done is ensure that NO GAY EVER walks thru their door to hear the word of God. A church belongs to GOD...and if God were to walk the planet today he wouldn't be in a church...he would be with the most sinful disgusting individuals he could find to spread the word of his love. That love however, has an expiration date...called Judgement, at that time even though his love will remain..your sinful nature and refusal to accept him as savior will place you in eternal damnation.

Who destroyed sign?

I do not think a gay person destroyed the Seagate sign. Such an act would put them in a bad light and give narrow, mean-spirited people more reason to dislike them.

I think the person(s) responsible for destroying the sign wanted to create acrimony between the church people, the general public, and the gays, who were rightly offended by the church's hateful message.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the continuing harrassment of gays. From my own experience, I must say that some of the warmest, most intelligent, and creative people I have ever known were gay. They should be treasured, not despised.

I'm talking about people like me

I support freedom of speech just as much as I support gay rights.

Keep acting like sneaky little weasels and I can lose interest in gay rights quickly.

That church had a constitutional right to put up that sign, and anyone with a brain, regardless of sexual orientation, would respect that. Start acting like little Nazis and you set your cause back years.


I totally agree with your post. The church had every right to express their views, right or wrong, even if gays don't approve.

If you take away the right of the church to express their viewpoint, you are opening the door to everyone's rights being taken away, including gays. It's freedom of speech, and everyone has a right to be heard.