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ONLY ON 3: BSL resident claims husband caught in mayor's vendetta for police department

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: BSL resident claims husband caught in mayor's vendetta for police department

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- One Boiling Spring Lakes resident is simmering mad at the city's mayor and says she has many reasons why.

Natascha Yarolin says Mayor Richard White has a vendetta for the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department. She says her husband got caught in the crossfire, and she won't stand for it.

Yarolin says this is not the first problem Mayor White has had with the police department, and she is afraid if she does not say anything, it will not be the last.

"Everyone's gonna know what this man is really about and all his skeletons he's tried so hard to hide in the closet," Yarolin said. "I'm gonna reveal them."

Yarolin says she will not stop until justice is served. She says White is corrupt and spiteful, and she has had enough.

"He overstepped his boundaries in his position," she said. "He has a lot of people snowballed into thinking that he is out for the public, for the citizens of Boiling Springs, but if you read this, he obviously does not care. It's a personal vendetta for him."

Yarolin says when she made requests to the city for public e-mails from the mayor, she was given blacked out copies. When she compared those copies to e-mails she had gotten in 2010, she saw that the section that was blacked out was about her husband and how the mayor did not want him considered for a job with the city's police department.

The older copy of the messages shows White says Yarolin's husband Paul has a criminal history and that the city didn't need any bad press. He continues that Paul Yarolin has a probation violation, so he should not be considered.

Yarolin says her husband has never had a probation violation and that he was even cleared by Training and Standards in Raleigh to serve as a police officer anywhere in the state, so the mayor's reasoning is hollow.

She says the mayor continually tries to attack the police department, from attempting to get the police chief fired for misusing his vehicle to stating that the department misused funds. Yarolin says this is the icing on the cake. She says White is abusing his power as mayor, and she will work until something is done to stop it.

"I came up with all of this in a week. One week," Yarolin said. "Imagine what I can do in a month, 'cause it's there. I've already got phone calls out. It's there."

Yarolin says she is going to the Boiling Spring Lakes City Council meeting tonight to confront the mayor and pass out information and documents she has found.

We spoke with Mayor White by phone today. He says he has nothing against the police department and is not aware of the issues with Yarolin and her husband.

We are going the meeting tonight and plan to speak with the mayor.

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Jack Diddley is a Catfish Farmer. Jack Diddley likes fried catfish nuggets and hush puppies with a side of slaw. Jack Diddley dips his hush puppies in honey butter. Jack Diddley goes to all the town meetings.

Jack Diddly

Jack Diddly (Squat), a.k.a Diddly Squat - the equivelent of nothing; something that amounts to nothing.

what about the girl who

what about the girl who fundraised that money for police and the mayor claimed that the police were using that money illegally? hes out against those police officers because he was forced to resign hes a dirty man

Who is Jack Diddley?

Who is Jack Diddley?

Who is jack diddley?

Is it Mayor White?

I watched the interview on

I watched the interview on the news last night. Seems she is the one with her Fruit of the Looms in a wad. he was sitting there keeping his mouth shut, like I suppose she told him to. Really don't think this guy is law enforcement material, letting his wife handle this for him.

Fruit of Looms

I guess you have never had someone stand up for you. Which is really sad. And as far as her husband not being law enforcement material, you are judging the same way as others. Shame on you! You need to take a look at the WHOLE story. It is not just about the job. It is the other things that are upsetting.

Stand up

She can stand up for him, but really I think he can learn to speak for himself. Not much of a man.

G.O.P. Stand up

...and the MAYOR walked out on the meeting tonight to hide??? Not much of a man OR mayor! What in the world??? What is he afraid of??? Oh yeah...the truth!!!!

OK, Just Saying, It is fine

OK, Just Saying, It is fine for a spouse to stand up for the other. However, it this situation, he should be standing up for himself. If he is not man enough to do that, he certainly should not wear a uniform. I just feel that HE should be the one to take the lead and let his wife back him up. I have to say that I fully trust the Mayor and his decisions. I know him and feel that he is very trustworthy.

Just saying

To each his own.....I am thinking you must not know him as well as you think you do......just wondering. If he attempted an assault on you, would you still trust him?

just saying

no i would not i would'nt trust him anyway. Anyone who protects Curtis Ledbetter AKA Curtis Bedwetter would not never trust them.

To 911

What is it you aree trying to say?

What would you do?

OK first off. Let me ask this question. What if this was you? What if someone you loved and cared about was not able to get a job for some kind of misunderstanding? Watched them work hard to make a better life for themselves and their family. Would you not want to stand up for them? Personally I would. Everyone knows that the good old boy politics is alive and well. We have all seen it first hand,if not you are walking around in a fairy tale land. As for as the political games that are played in the good old boy system who is to say who is in good with them or not. You better be careful if you play it, it can turn on you at anytime. Just saying? Mrs. Yarolin is making a stand for all of us that have either been bulled or have had someone bull the ones we love. So either you agree with what she is doing or not, there is other situations that need to be addressed. Do not be critical of what she is doing.
It is not just about her husband. There are other issues at hand. Read the whole article or watch the news closer. JUST SAYING!!!!

Glass Houses

Remember the old adage "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?" Everyone has skeletons, if you don't want yours brought out, move on! Your husband did SOMETHING to be put on probation, usually that disqualifies them for hiring. MOVE to Raleigh,and see if they hire him with a record!

it's one thing to not want

it's one thing to not want to hire him and another to make a character assination against someone...just for the record I don't know any of the people involved...if I were them, I'd be contacting an attorney for defamation....

Best be careful slinging threats like that!

"You walk in the land of the tiger, expect to get attacked."

Those are some mighty serious allegations Yarolin is flapping her mouth about, with much more to come? I can understand some hard feeliings that her dear hubby can't land a job on that prestigious police department, but this looks more like some sort of personal vendetta.

Be careful! There are swamps in them parts! People get lost there...

Richard White Hiding

Richard White hides behind the people that dont really know him. They dont want to know the truth about him, if they did they would read the material that Ms. Yarolin is trying to hand out. Some of these people want to be in city goverment. Are these simple minded people what we want ? Ones that are out for their own personal agenda? White is the biggest racist that ever walked. He uses the "n" word anytime is is talking about black people unless there is one around that he needs to promote his personal agenda. He is one of the good ole boys, he's been protected from the public but all the things that have been hidden are coming out. If you listen to him carefully you can catch him in a lie. I don't think that the things that Ms. Yarolin has was put on his resume for Jon David to see. Did he even look into his background ? I think Ms. Yarolin is very smart, she's done her homework and it looks like she has a very good case that an attorney might be interested in. Go Ms. Yarolin tell the public whats going on, some might be interested in the truth. Oh yea, Tigers beware, there are people out there you should be afraid to walk among.

Guest 461, Well if you had

Guest 461,
Well if you had listened to the WHOLE story you would have heard her say he has a job. And as far as the swamps. Is that from your personal experience? Maybe the prestigious police department needs to pay you a visit. You think this is a personal vendetta? Can you please tell me what personal gain they will get?


Sounds like a threat to me....maybe you should choose your words with a little more thought....

This is not about my her

This is not about my her husband landing a job at the police department. That was just one example of the mayor misusing his position. Did you not listen to the whole story?? I think its about time someone stood up to him. He has done alot of bad things to alot of people but has always had people there to cover his tail. Are you really saying that EVERYONE is a liar but Richard White? Come on now he was was found guilty of being a liar in court!Mrs. Yarolin did not state one thing about Richard White that she did not have the documentaion to back up. Really is all those records lies to?? Come on get your head out of the clouds people!! Her husband isnt trying to hide the fact that he has a criminal record a mistomenor charge 13 years ago. so you are saying that no one can be rehabilitated? no one can learn from mistakes and become a better person because of that. Thats very shallow minded!!!

You support this guy as a policeman?

As you have admitted, 13 years ago or not, the fact is he has a criminal record, period. If the mayor knew this and did not pass this information on to the city before they made the hire, the mayor would have been neglecting his duty! This guy was wanting to be a cop and yes, a cop should be held to a higher standard than most. Same for teachers, preachers, etc., or anyone that by profession is in a place of power and trust. Kudos to the mayor for shedding light on this fact. Further, is is not the mayor that hires and fires and you are not putting that fact forward at all. Last, if this guy has a beef, let him come forward and not silently stand behind his wife's skirt and also the crowd of politicaly disgruntled!

"This is not about my her

"This is not about my her husband"

Lemme guess - Natascha?

vendetta... certainly

Certainly seems there is a vendetta against the BSLPD. Look back at the actions the Mayor has proposed from the very beginning of his term. Like the very first actions at his first meeting. These would include actions against the former city manager.

Mayor White

I have known Mayor White for many years, he seems to be an honest man with the best interest of the town in mind. So they don't want to hire your husband, life goes on. Look else where.

Honest man

Beware a Wolf in sheeps clothing! Honest man,not so much. A snake in the grass should be considered dangerous...

Mayor White

Look at this person for who he really is!! Some of the people who were handed papers at Tues. meeting didn't want one and rejected my effort to hand them one and that is's their right. Must be you can't read well through the rose colored glasses. White even violated my husbands right to show his feeling about firing our captain in the BSL police force! He had my husband escorted from the forum!!!!!! Who does he think he is?! We are not finished with that event, either! White had asked my husband to "prove" some things about his bad actions, and when my husband had them all proven, he ejected him from the forum. Hummmm, wonder why...don't you?! Good grief, people...WHAT DOES IT TAKE to open your eyes? We are not afraid of him...why are you?

Wow! He was ejected from the

Wow! He was ejected from the forum twice in one day?! I don't think anyone is "afraid" of him, if that was true, he wouldn't be mayor. And I'm pretty sure he thinks he's THE MAYOR.

Guesty14 wow!

I don't think I said he was removed twice if you will read it again. And I'm pretty sure he thinks he's God.

Isn't Richard White the

Isn't Richard White the former Chief Of Police also?